Tuesday, August 23, 2011


   Been home today feeling a little under the weather ( took a sick day from work). Not much on the boob tube today and so I was looking over some of my 1st edition modules and core books. The one thing I noticed was the fact that some of the pictures of characters who were wearing some of the lower armor class armor wearing helmets. Like the PC's on the back cover of S4 The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, two of them are wearing studded leather armor with helmets.
 Now in the Dungeon Masters Guide on page 28 it reads " It is assumed that an appropriate type of head armoring will be added to the suit of armor to allow uniform protection of the wearer. Wearing of a "great helm" adds the appropriate weight and restricts vision to the front 60', but it gives the head AC 1. If a helmet is not worn, 1 blow in 6 will strike at the AC 10 head, unless the opponent is intelligent, in which case 1 blow in 2 will be aimed at the AC 10 head ( d6 1-3= head blow)"
 This is a little used rule. Every thief I have played or GM'd, the thief wore leather armor but not a helment. Now, lets say the thief was wearing a +1 suit of Leather Armor, would this give his or her expossed head a AC 9? What if a thief was wearing a +1 suit of Leather Armor and had a dex. modafier of +2. The theif would have a AC of 5 but a head AC of 7? When I was GM'ing, if I would have looked at this overlooked rule, all of my guards would have been aiming for the head.
 Just want to know what your stance is on Helmets!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sad news for Forever Free Games.org

 Just to let every one know, I'll be shutting down foreverfreegames.org on the 22nd of this mo. Not because of the money or anything else, but I've been working on a new project. I will still have this blog page going. So if you haven't downloaded any of the modules, go now!

So on that note.......