Sunday, February 27, 2011

1st. edtion pod casts

Dont know if any of you listen to pod casts, but here's two I listen too. They are 1E rules based casts.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Community - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Pt 1/2 - Season 2 Episode 14


Don't watch much of the TV show Community, but this one is a instant classic.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Paper vs. e-Books

  I work at a very large publishing company. Today we had a 1-hour video meeting about how the e-books are changing the publishing industry. Our sales for 2010 where projected to be at around 4%, but the sales where around 9%. Their projected sales of e-books by 2015 was around 20%, but now their thinking it could reach 50% in TOTAL sales. Over the past year alone, a estimated 15 million i-pads were sold world wide. Not to exclude all of the app's for cell phones, kendalls and so on.
  Now, I'm a old school gamer and I love my old books. I also love getting my hands on some of the new material that is being published right now. I was sad to see a few years back when dragon and dungeon magazine went to e-books. I just like the feel of having a book or magazine in my hands.
  My question is this: what is your thought on Paper vs. e-Books?

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Sorry, had to get off subject.


I'm a huge Black Keys fan. Love their music style. I follow them on facebook and this is their offical new music video. I hope you enjoyed it as mush as i did :-) !!

New Module is Done

 My new module is done. Just go to  and look for FFG 4 Adventure Interludes.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

FFG 4 Quick Adventure

                                             Terrible Trouble in Bumbleville
                                       A first edition adventure for characters of levels 4-6 
 The village of Bumbleville is a quite, little town on the edge of a large swamp. The village has had little threats for as long as anyone can remember. But in the last few weeks, the village has come under attack from a group of frog men. Your party has been hired to solve the problem.
 Bumbleville is a fishing and farming village ( 100 pop. ). The village has little to offer as a reward, but can muster up 200gp and supply the party with 3 canoes. If the party is of lower level or is a smaller group, the village can provide 3 potions of extra-healing as well. The villagers will give the players the following information: 1- The frog men have been seen coming from a trail on dry land across the lake (area 1). 2- The attacks come only in the morning hours. 3- And strange mushroom men has also been seen wandering along the edge of the swamp and 4- A large fire was seen in the swamp some 4 weeks ago. It burned for several days ( area 2 ).
 The problem is that a evil blue Slaad has taken up residents in a old tower in the middle of the swamp. A group of bullywugs that inhabit the swamp believes that the Slaad is their god.

 The swamp has many inhabitants. Here is a wandering  monster chart. Encounters happen on a 40% chance. Roll once every two hours that the players are in the swamp ( except for area 3 and 6 ).
 Roll 1d 12.
1- 1 giant Snake
2- 2-8 giant Leeches
3- 1 giant Crayfish
4- swarm of mosquitoes
5- 3-18 Bullywug patrol ( this encounter happens only twice, if rolled a third time no encounter happens).
6- A lone Myconid wandering the swamp.
7- 1-2 giant Spiders
8- 3-18 Stirges
9- 1 giant Turtle or 1-6 giant Frogs
10- Quicksand
11- Strange lights or sounds in the distance ( up to the DM what they might be)
12- Special Encounter ( roll 1d4, each encounter happens only one time)
       1- Bullywug Ambush. A group of Bullywug's will set up a ambush on the party. They will wait underwater and surprise the group. Their are 10 Bullywug's in all. Nine are normal Bullywug's, but their is one leader (2HD) who carries a +1 spear.
       2- Swamp Gas. Players must  make a save vs. poison or be sickened for 1 hour. Players who are sickened take a -1 to all saves, -1 to armor class and -1 to damage and attacks.
       3- Blackdragon fly over. As the party moves through the swamp, a large blackdragon flys over. The dragon will not notice the party. The encounter is just meant to keep the players on their toes.
       4- The players stumble across a giant red stone monolith. It stands over 30' tall and is as smooth as glass. The monolith gives off a faint aura of magic. Their are no inscriptions anywhere on the monolith.

   Encounter area 1
 This area is lightly wooded with some small hills. A trail can be easily found. The trail has several traps along the path from area 1 to area 2. A covered spiked fill pit ( 3d6 damage ), a trip wire with a poison tipped light crossbow ( as a 4 HD monster, 1d4 damage, save vs. poison or suffer a additional 3d6 damage ) and  another trip wire that is attached to a large wasp nest. If the trip wire is tripped, it will tear the wasp nest open. Wasp swarm ( AC 6 , MV 18", HD 2, HP 12, ATT 4, Dmg 1-4 ).

   Encounter area 2
 This area was where the fires were seen by the villagers. The area was the home of a group of lizard men. The Slaad had the Bullywugs attack the lizard man village to remove the threat. In the heat of the battle, the woods caught on fire and burned down the lizard man village as well as the surrounding woods. If the players search the burned out village, they will find a small chest under some rubble. Inside is the following items: 150 gp, 200 sp,  3 white pearls worth 100 gp each, and a +1 shortsword of light.

   Encounter area 3
 The players can see that this 2 mile wide and 4 mile long area rises above the swamp. Steep cliffs ranging from 20 feet to over 100 feet surround the plateau. A small trail can be found that leads up top. On top of the plateau is a small temple that has fell into ruins. It is little more than a few walls and columns. A pair of Displacer Beasts roam hear. ( AC 4, Move 15", HD 6, HP 30 each, ATT 2, Dmg 2-8/2-8, Special Attacks: nil, Special Defence: -2 on opponents attack dice ). In their lair is the following items: 300gp, 45 pp, 4 gems worth 50 gp each, a +2 small wooden shield and a magic-user scroll with the following spells ( mirror image, web, gust of wind and plant growth).
 If the players deal with the Displacer Beasts, they will find it a safe place to rest. Fresh water can be found along with some fruit trees ( apple, pear and peach) and small wild game ( rabbits and small boars ). Do not roll any random encounters here.

   Encounter area 4
 This flat land is lightly wooded and is mostly grasslands. This is the home of several Brontosaurus's ( 5 in all). They will be found along the north and east side of the area in the lake. These giants will ignore the party for the most part ( unless one of the players cast a fireball at one of them, and then things could get very interesting). The Bullywugs stay away from this area, as most other creatures do. Their is nothing of value or interest here.

   Encounter area 5
 This area has the feel of being back in the dinosaur era. Strange plants, insects and animals can be found here. Small dinosaurs are numerous ( compsognathus, camptosaurus and others). The players will be attacked 3 giant Dragonfly's ( AC 3, Move 1"/36", HD 7, HP 32, 29, 26, ATT 1, Dmg 3-12). If the players search the area, they will find the remains of a lone adventure. She has the following items on her: a +1 suit of studded leather armor, normal longsword, a potion of healing, 46 gp, 10cp and a map ( could be a treasure map, map to a ancient artifact or whatever you what it to be).

   Encounter Area 6
 This area is a small mushroom forest. Mushrooms from 1 inch to some over 30 feet tall can be found here. A "circle" of Myconid inhabit the forest ( around 100 ). They will first be weary of any trespassers, but if the players prove that they mean no harm, the Myconids will give the following information: 1- They know that a large blue frog is now leading the Bullywugs. 2- The location of the Bullywugs camp. 3- And the undead walk around area 7. The Myconids have 10 random potions, 3 scrolls ( with no spell higher than 3rd level), 4 miscellaneous magical items ( with nothing more than 7,000 gp in value) and 4 d 100 in all coins.
 If the players wander around this area unescorted, roll a 1d8 twice every 30 turns.
1- a patch of yellow mold
2- 2-8 Shriekers
3- 1-4 Shriekers and 1-4 Violet Fungi
4- 2-12 Myconids
5- 2-8 Obliviax ( memory moss)
6- 1-4 special animated zombies ( see Myconid )
7- 1 Phycomid
8- 1-3 Zygom

    Encounter Area 7
 Dead trees are numerous in this area. The swamp life even stay away from here for the undead roam freely here. This is the site of a ancient battle. Now only the undead inhabit the land. Zombie's, Skeletons and Ghouls are everywhere. A powerful Wight ( AC 3, Move 12", HD 6+3, HP 35, ATT 1, Dmg 1-4 or 1-8+2) rules the undead. He wears a +2 ring of protection and wields a +2 longsword " Hero Slayer". The sword has the following ability's: Int 13, Ego 12,special purpose is to slay good, alignment chaotic evil, primary powers are detect good in a 1" radius and detect magic in a 1" radius.
 A small wooden fort is the only structure with-in the dead forest. The fort holds the following undead: 20 skeletons archers, 10 zombies, 6 ghouls, a hill giant skeleton ( 5 HD) and the wight leader. The following treasure can be found here: a ring of shooting stars, a wand of steam and vapor, a folding boat, a chest holding 500 gp and a jeweled crown worth 1,000 gp.

   Encounter Area 8
 This area is the Bullywug camp.The camp rest's along a large lake with several small rowboats. Their are 12 grass huts with a large hut in the center. The Bullywugs numbers are at 75 ( 68 normal bullywugs, 5 large leaders, 1 tribal shaman and 1 great chief who is armed with a +2 light mace) and are armed with crude shields and shortswords. Their are 10 giant frogs keep here in a pen, to serve as mounts. If the players make a frontal assault, the Bullywugs will come out in force. They have little in treasure for they have given most to their new "God".
 Across the lake, the players can see a scrubland island on the horizon.

   Encounter Area 9
 This island is hilly with the ruins of a tower in the center. The tower has only 3 rooms on the first floor intact. The upper two floors are open to the sky and only the stone stairway leads up. Inside the tower lives the Bullywugs "God", a Blue Slaad ( AC 5, Move 7" HD 8+4, HP 40, ATT 5, Dmg 2-16/2-12/2-12/2-12/2-12 ). He was forced to flee from Limbo when he killed a higher ranked Slaad. He will fight to the death. With-in the tower, he has gathered the following items: a +3 Bracers of Defence, 24 +1 arrows, a pink Ioun Stone, a +2 quarter staff,  560 gp, 1,100 sp, 50 pp, 6 gems worth 100 gp each and a diamond neckless worth 1,000 gp.

                                                      Ending the adventure
If the players deal with the blue Slaad, the village of Bumbleville will be over joyed. A party will be held in their honor.
 If the Slaad is killed, the remaining Bullywugs will disperse and disappear deeper into the swamp. If the players fail in their mission, the blue Slaad vengeance will be swift. He will attack the village with-in days and burn it to the ground.

                                                    Bumbleville map

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New Monster

FREQUENCY: very rare                               
MOVE: 18" or 12"
% IN LAIR: 0 %
DAMAGE / ATTACK: 1-8/1-8
INTELLIGENCE: exceptional
ALIGNMENT: choatic good
SIZE: small
       Attack / Defence Modes : nil

 Wildgeists are the spirits of Treants,that has died from a sudden and violent death. The Treants  return as Wildgeists to avenge the one or ones that has killed it. They appear as bright balls of light   ( sometimes they are mistaken as will-o-wisps ) in day or night. They will roam the area up to 60 miles away from where it was killed, looking for the one's who killed it.

 A Wildgeist has two forms. First is it's spirit form. Appearing as a large glowing ball of light ( around 3' dia.), a Wildgeist has no attack ability's in this form. It's quick ability to fly will get it out of most predicament's. The second form is the shape of a 4' tall wooden humanoid. It takes only 1 round to change shape. A Wildgeist uses it's fists to attack. When a player takes damage from a blow, the players must make a save vs. spell or be aged 4-24 years.