Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Module is Done

 My new module is done. Just go to  and look for FFG 4 Adventure Interludes.


  1. Cool beaners. I'm going to show Hubby this. Thanks for the post. Happy Gaming.

  2. Hey Mark,

    Love the site and what you're doing with your talent. Give me a holler if you're interested in some freelance work; I have this project that your old-school feel would be perfect for.

    ~Tom (the guy at Staples)
    email: thomas (at) dorkistan (dot) com

  3. The guy at Staples, that's funny. Thanks again for this post, we downloaded it last night.

  4. When we used to sell blankets that craft shows, everyone called me the Blanket Lady. That's why I laughed at (the guy from Staples), reference.

  5. Just stopped at my local Staples to get a few copies of the new module done to send out. Tom a.k.a the guy at Staples, plays D&D as well.
    On another subject, my grandmother got me a real nice heavy dragon blanket some 10 years ago. Dont know where she got it from, but she travels alot. I might just have one of those blakets of yours. LOL

  6. I did in fact sell dragon blankets. They were dragons and flames. Those sold well. The skulls sold nicely too. I'd say we started shows about six years ago. I think. We don't do them anymore. But we used to every weekend, oy.

    Time to hit the sack. Have a most excellent week.