Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Paper vs. e-Books

  I work at a very large publishing company. Today we had a 1-hour video meeting about how the e-books are changing the publishing industry. Our sales for 2010 where projected to be at around 4%, but the sales where around 9%. Their projected sales of e-books by 2015 was around 20%, but now their thinking it could reach 50% in TOTAL sales. Over the past year alone, a estimated 15 million i-pads were sold world wide. Not to exclude all of the app's for cell phones, kendalls and so on.
  Now, I'm a old school gamer and I love my old books. I also love getting my hands on some of the new material that is being published right now. I was sad to see a few years back when dragon and dungeon magazine went to e-books. I just like the feel of having a book or magazine in my hands.
  My question is this: what is your thought on Paper vs. e-Books?


  1. Right now, zero interest in electronic books. That said, I'm very interested in owning a graphics tablet for drawing.

  2. Paper books all the way! I hate reading things off of my electronic screens. Blogs are one thing but books, that's something else.

  3. I like paper, but you should ask people what their age is when they answer this, i'd wager the under 25's are more open to ebooks than the over 40 crowd.

  4. That's a good point, Paladin. And I agree with you Bliss, blogs are one thing but books, I want paper.