Friday, December 31, 2010

Weekly Cursed Item

   Humorous Cursed Item No.4

         Cauldron of Tasty Food
This small black cooking pot shows a
feint magical aura. When used for
cooking, it will produce some of the
best food the players have tasted.
The cooking pot will take 10 turns to
cook any food, but will attract nearby
vermin or animals. Insects will swoop
in from everywhere, from furry cute
animals to rats will appear. Each player
who ate from the pot must make a save
vs. spell or will fall asleep to take a 5
turn nap.
The player who owens the cooking
pot, will not want to depart with it, and
will fight to keep it. Also the players
appetite will grow to where he or she
must eat 6 times per day.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

FFG 2 Quick Adventure


                                                        Turtle Shell Bandits
                                                         For characters of levels 1-2
 The bandits have set up their hide-out underneath a giant turtle shell. The players will see two chimneys stacks coming from the top of the shell. A set of stairs lead down to a locked heavy wooden door.
Room 1 Hallway: The hallways are lit by torch's. All of the walls are made of wood. A 25% chance every turn that 2 bandits from room 4 will be wondering in the hallways.
Room 2 Storage Room: Drunk Bandit ( 2nd level fighter, studded leather armor, longsword, dagger, HP 13). He will fight at a -2 to hit from being intoxicated. Treasure: 30sp, 9 gp, 45 days of iron rations, 3 barrels of ale worth 50gp each and 12 bottles of wine worth 10 gp each.
Room 3 Kitchen: Inside the room, a Bandit is cooking dinner ( 1st level thief, leather armor, +1 dagger, HP 6 ) will attack the party. Treasure: silver plates and bowls worth 25 gp.
Room 4 Great Hall: Inside the room are two bunk beds, a fireplace and a table with six chairs around it. Inside the room are 4 bandits ( 1st level bandit, studded leather armor, wooden shield, shortsword, dagger, HP 5 each, 25% chance that two of the bandits are wondering the hallways) Treasure: potion of healing, 120 sp, 26 gp, a copper bracelet worth 10 gp and a roll of silk worth 25 gp.
Room 5 Guard Room: Bandit leader ( 4th level fighter, +1 chainmail, large steel shield, +1 footman's pick,
HP 20 ) will attack the party members. He has a 20% chance of hearing any battle in room 1, 3 or 4. Treasure: key to chest in room 6
Room 6 Bedroom: Bandit leader's room. Large bed, small locked chest under the bed and a coat rack on the back of the door. Treasure: 200cp, 100sp, 46 gp and 4 gems worth 25 gp each.
Room7  Study: Half-elf magic-user ( 2nd level magic-user, wooden staff, silver dagger worth 10gp, a wand of color spray with 9 charges, HP 5, Dex of 18) His spells are the following: 1st level- shield and shocking grasp. Treasure: spell book ( detect magic, jump, shield and shocking grasp), 37 sp and 10 pp.
Room 8 Goblin barracks: 6 straw mats lye on the floor. Inside are are 6 goblins ( each are armed with a morning star, HP 3 each) and will attack the party on site. Treasure: none
Room 9 Prisoner Cells: A set of keys hang on the far wall.
Room A: a wealthy merchant, will pay the players 100 gp if they free him.0-level
Room B: farmers daughter, 0-level
Room C: this area has 3 gnomes chained to the wall. All are 0-level

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Something not D&D, but had to share it!


Well, I just found this movie trailer. It has everything: No1- Hot Chicks, No2- Dragons, No3- World War 1 trench warfare, No4- Samurai's, No5- Robots from the future, N06- Sweet Music soundtrak and No7- more Hot Chicks.
Not to much more I can ask for in a movie.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

FFG 1 Quick Adventure

         Here is a quick 1 page adventure.

          Evil Cultist Temple     
           For characters of levels 3-5
Room 1-  Two guards (4th level fighters, chainmail,
longsword and shields, 18 HP each) no treasure.
Room 2- Storage Room. Hidden +1 dagger in a box. Secret door to room 4.
Room 3- Stone Guardian ( 26 HP) no treasure
Room 4- Altar Room. Evil 3rd level Cleric ( splintmail, +1 mace, Potion of Healing, ring of protection from stone guardians, HP 17) Treasure:200 gp.
Room 5- Trap. Phantasmal Force spell. Players see illusionary room ahead but a pit trap is at the end of the hallway ( 3d6 damage).
Room 6- Temple Great Hull. 4 temple guards ( 2nd levels fighters, leather armor, wooden shield, shortsword, 10 HP each) and a 4th level thief ( +2 leather armor, +1 shortsword, potion of invisibility, 14 HP). Secret door to room 9.
Treasure: 250sp,100 gp and 2 gems worth 50 gp each.
Room 7- Library. Pet Rust Monster ( 23 HP) Treasure: spell book ( four 1st level spells, three 2nd level spells and one 3rd level spell) 1 cleric scroll ( two 1st level spells)
Room 8 - Summoning Room. Evil 5th level Magic-User ( Bracers of Defence AC 5, +2 Staff, 14 HP) and 2 Dretchs ( 25 HP each). Treasure: 75 gp, jeweled neckless worth 100 gp, key to chest in room 9.
Room 9- Treasure room. Treasure chest ( locked, trapped with poison needle, save vs. poison or take 2d6 damage). Treasure: 2 potions of extra-healing, wand of magic missiles ( 3rd level- 20 charges), +1 wooden shield, 300sp, 450 gp and 50pp.

Getting players involved:
1- The cult has been killing the local villagers.
2- The temple is a small base of a larger cult, the players might get some clues.
3- Strange monsters have been attacking the nearby village.
4- The cult leader has links to a local baron and a evil plot is in the works.

Weekly Cursed Item

Lets hope your players dont take this from rollplaying to real life!
Humorous Cursed Item No.3

Potion of Extra-healing and
This potion of extra-healing has all of
the normal healing powers but with
one difference. The potion smells and
tastes like refried beans.
After the potion is consumed, the
player will start to "pass the gas". This
will happen every 1d3 turns, and will
last for 2d4 hours.

Monday, December 20, 2010

4E Starter Kits

 Was doing some last minute christmas shopping in Wal-Mart tonight. Went by the area where they have the magic the gathering cards and such. And low-and-behold, Wal-Mart had 2 new 4E starter kits for sale. WOW, never thought I would see a major store carry D&D stuff.
 But the next thing surprised me the most. A little old lady can up and grabbed a starter kit and said she was buying it for her grandson. Just good to see dungeons and dragons back in big stores and knowing a new player is starting to play.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekly Cursed Item

Got one more for you this week.
Humorous Cursed Item No.2

    Belt of Your Momma's Purse

This large pouch acts like a small bag
of holding, but everything the player
puts into the pouch will have a
permanent cheap perfume smell to it.
When the player goes for a item, there
is a chance that he or she will pull out a
random item ( 1 in 20 chance )
Random list ( roll 1d10 )
1- 15 coupons to a local food vender.
2- A string of fake pearls( worthless).
3- A pair of cheap and ugly earrings
( worth 5 gp )
4- A small metal tube. When opened a
bright red wax is inside. The tube has a
twist at the bottom to push out the red
5- A black pair of granny glasses.
6- Two tan silk panty hose (worth 5 gp)
7- 20 pieces of odd colored corn
( candy corn, that has gone past being
good )
8- A small mirror in a case with a small
brush. A hard tan powder sits at the
bottom of the case.
9- A hair brush ( worthless)
10- A clear tube with a clear jell inside.
When applied to any dry or sunburned
spots, it will moisten one's skin ( 10
uses, worth 10 gp )

Friday, December 17, 2010

Weekly Cursed Item

Seems like everyone has a " Blank Something" every week they post. Got me thinking. What should I do? Has to be something different. How about a weekly humorous cursed item. Sure, why not. So here's it is.

                 Cat Pole

This metal 10' pole has a rubber-like
handle, a brass lever on the handle with
a wire leading up to a loop on the end.
In the center of the pole it unscrews for
easy transport.
The pole is cursed. Anyone who
possesses this pole will not be able to
get ride of the pole for it will return 12
hours later in their backpack or just
lying next to them in the morning. After
using the pole more than 5 times, the
player will start to notice 1D4 domestic
cats start to follow him or her. The cats
will always stay at a distance unless the
player feeds them, then 2D8 more cats will
join the pack.
If the player harms any of the felines,
he or she will began to grow whiskers
and will have the craving for more and
more fresh fish.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New module just about done.

Just thought I would give ya a tease. Got a friend going over my poor grammar. Looking forward to your reviews. I hope all of you enjoy it. I'm hoping to have it out by christmas.

Everyone have a marry christmas and a happy new years!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

My two favorite modules

Was just looking at another blog site and got me wondering. What's your favorite module? Mine is the 1st edition L trilogy. L1 is a great sandbox adventure and L2 has a good story to end with.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This just makes me feel old.

Come across this on another site, but just had to share it. IT make's me feel old, takes me back :-) !