Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekly Cursed Item

Deck of Not So Many Things

This deck looks and feels just like a
deck of many things. But that is where
it ends. The deck contains 13 plaques.
Sun - gain a +1 arrow and 50
experience points
Moon - you are granted 1-4 unseen
servants for 1 week.
Star - immediately gain two-tenths on
your major ability.
Throne - granted a fancy wig with a
bottle of sweet perfume and a deed to a
Key - gain a map to a door,
somewhere? And a loadstone
Knight - gain the service of a
gravedigger for 1 day.
The Void - body functions but when
you come across a void of any size, the
player will run in fear for 1 turn.
Flames - enmity between you and a
Skull - defeat a skeleton or be forever
Ruin - lose one tenth of your wealth
and one tenth of any land.
Euryale - minus 1 on all saving throws
vs. spells
Rogue - one of your henchmen falls in
love with you.
Jester - gain 100 experience points or
draw 2 more draws from the deck

Monday, January 24, 2011

Change of direction

 Well, I have decided a change of direction ( of sorts ). I, as most of you, follow other blogs and chat rooms. We read and enjoy them all. Theirs not much out their that has not been covered or being discussed at this moment. So I've decided that I will just keep putting out my free modules, quick adventures and any other things that I come up with that might be useful to other players and GM's.

Monday, January 17, 2011

FFG 3 Quick Adventure

                                              Here's a quick map of a adventure island.

Villages  and Camps
1- Lookout Village: A small village that sits along a small cliff. The village has a magical lighthouse, a gem cutters guildhall and a wizards collage. ( pop. 230).
2- Harven Village: This is the main harbor of the island. Large farmlands are to the south.The village has a large port, boat building, a thieves guild inside a wood mill and a gambling hall. ( pop. 700).
3- Toller Village: This village is a mix of races ( human,elf, gnome, dwarf and halfling). Large farmlands sits to the north. The village has a small elven castle, a halfling winery and a small port. ( pop. 450).
4- Orc Camp: This area has a large clan of orcs. The camp sits on a old underground temple. The orc leader is a very nasty hill giant. ( pop. 250).
5-Bugbear Camp: This area is run by a large band of mixed demi-humans ( goblin, hobgoblin and orc) with bugbears being the most populous. Their leader is a high level evil wizard. ( pop. 325)
Castles, Towers and Forts
1- Fort Xoll: This fort was made after a large vain of silver was found in the mountains. The fort is run by a small dwarfing army ( around 125). The fort is made of stone and has many underground tunnels. ( pop 175)
2- Nerson's Tower: This tower is the home of a powerful wizard. ( pop.10)
3- Castle Frond: The castle was built to keep the undead in check. The castle holds around 250 soldiers and 30 clerics.
4- Castle Zandar: This was the castle of a wealthy family, but now lye in ruins. Powerful undead roam it's halls and in it's dungeons. Great wealth is said to be hidden inside.
Other locations
1- Twisted Forest: This large forest is dark and very thick. A large clan of wood elves inhabit the woods, along with other fey ( pixes, brownies, centaurs and treants). A entrance to a underground fungus forest is said to be in the woods.
2- Undead Lands: This area has little life in it. Most of the lands are nothing but wastelands. Undead roam freely here. A powerful grim monolith is said to be the behind the undead.
3-Ruins of Ishland: This small city is now overrun by a wide range of monsters. The port in the city is run by a group of slavers, a floating keep is in the center of town and a group of mind flayer's have taken up residents.
4- Greymuck Swamp: This vast swamp is inhabited by several small groups of monsters ( bullywugs, lizard men and vegepygmys). Also in the swamp is a group of harpy's, giant frogs, and a large black dragon liar.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Race level limits

 Last week I started my 1st edition camp. One of my few house rules is that a demi-human has no level cap.
The half-orc can only progress to a 4th level cleric and so on and so on. I have by-passed this because I don't want my players to shun playing a demi-human.
 Do any of you do this? Or other house rules you use?

Friday, January 14, 2011

New Trap

 Here is a new trap to pull on your players.
Have the players come across a "T" in the hallway or dungeon. A deep spiked filled pit sits open 5 feet from the "T" in the hallway. The pit can be only 5 foot wide and can be easily jumped. The trap is this: just on the other side of the pit is a portable hole that has a illusion on the floor over it. The portable hole is 10 feet deep and is filled with 8 feet of water. Standing around the connor are 2 bad guys. When the first player jumps across he or she will jump into the water filled portable hole. The 2 bad guys will run out and fold up the portable hole and trap the player with-in. The water is in the hole for the sole purpose of a player cant jump out if he or she is swimming. You could then have the bad guys take off with their new hostage, instead fill the hole with acid and have the bad guys fold it up. Or for higher level players, have the bad guys throw the portable hole into a bag of holding and kill the player.
 Just a thought I had today.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

What villains should i use?


Masters of Evil
 If any one has visited my web page, my next project is a 4 part mini-adventure. First is a 1st edition AD&D adventure. The second is a 1st edition Gamma World adventure. The third is a 1st edition Top Secret adventure and the last is a 1st edition Marvel Super Heroes adventure.
Just want to do a poll: who should the hero's fight in my Marvel Super Hero adventure?

 No.1- The Masters of Evil : The arch enemy's of the Avengers.
 No.2- Hydra : a criminal organization dedicated to the achievement of world domination through terrorist  and subversive activities on various fronts. Arch enemy to Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D.
 No.3- Brotherhood of Evil Mutants : pain in the butt's to the X-Men.
 No.4- Skrull's : Fantastic Four villains.
 No.5- Other : ?????
 Let me know what villains you would like to see.     


Friday, January 7, 2011

Weekly Cursed Item

Humorous Cursed Item No.5

Leather Armor of the Troglodyte

This armor appears to be a suit of +2
green dragon leather armor. In fact the
armor is made of troglodyte hide. When
worn, the player will start to have some
very bad body order ( a.k.a. gamer
funk). The smell will give a -10% to
loyalty base and reaction adjustment
checks. If the armor is taken off and the
player takes a bath the smell will not go
away. It will take 48 hours before the
smell will dissipate.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fun times ahead

 Well, starting a new 1st edition camp. this weekend. I have 5 players, 4 who have played 1st edition at some point in time and 1 new player. Here is the list so far: my friend Jim is playing a fat/lazy elven fighter. John is playing a 17 year old female monk who is shy. Jerry is playing a half-elf druid who's a coward. Mark is playing a snoodie human magic-user. The only one left is my friend Ryan, don't know what he'll be playing but he is prone to play weird characters.
 I'll keep you updated because this should be very interesting. At lest this should be fun for me :-). The thing is, no one has got together and talked about what they are playing. All of this has been done over the phone with me.