Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fun times ahead

 Well, starting a new 1st edition camp. this weekend. I have 5 players, 4 who have played 1st edition at some point in time and 1 new player. Here is the list so far: my friend Jim is playing a fat/lazy elven fighter. John is playing a 17 year old female monk who is shy. Jerry is playing a half-elf druid who's a coward. Mark is playing a snoodie human magic-user. The only one left is my friend Ryan, don't know what he'll be playing but he is prone to play weird characters.
 I'll keep you updated because this should be very interesting. At lest this should be fun for me :-). The thing is, no one has got together and talked about what they are playing. All of this has been done over the phone with me.


  1. We just started our own game a few days ago. DM decided to pick on me and make me a wanted gnome for hold information that I seem to know, though I don't even know what that information even is.

  2. yea, I played a character that was hunted by assassins for something my characters brother did ( something I knew nothing about).