Monday, January 17, 2011

FFG 3 Quick Adventure

                                              Here's a quick map of a adventure island.

Villages  and Camps
1- Lookout Village: A small village that sits along a small cliff. The village has a magical lighthouse, a gem cutters guildhall and a wizards collage. ( pop. 230).
2- Harven Village: This is the main harbor of the island. Large farmlands are to the south.The village has a large port, boat building, a thieves guild inside a wood mill and a gambling hall. ( pop. 700).
3- Toller Village: This village is a mix of races ( human,elf, gnome, dwarf and halfling). Large farmlands sits to the north. The village has a small elven castle, a halfling winery and a small port. ( pop. 450).
4- Orc Camp: This area has a large clan of orcs. The camp sits on a old underground temple. The orc leader is a very nasty hill giant. ( pop. 250).
5-Bugbear Camp: This area is run by a large band of mixed demi-humans ( goblin, hobgoblin and orc) with bugbears being the most populous. Their leader is a high level evil wizard. ( pop. 325)
Castles, Towers and Forts
1- Fort Xoll: This fort was made after a large vain of silver was found in the mountains. The fort is run by a small dwarfing army ( around 125). The fort is made of stone and has many underground tunnels. ( pop 175)
2- Nerson's Tower: This tower is the home of a powerful wizard. ( pop.10)
3- Castle Frond: The castle was built to keep the undead in check. The castle holds around 250 soldiers and 30 clerics.
4- Castle Zandar: This was the castle of a wealthy family, but now lye in ruins. Powerful undead roam it's halls and in it's dungeons. Great wealth is said to be hidden inside.
Other locations
1- Twisted Forest: This large forest is dark and very thick. A large clan of wood elves inhabit the woods, along with other fey ( pixes, brownies, centaurs and treants). A entrance to a underground fungus forest is said to be in the woods.
2- Undead Lands: This area has little life in it. Most of the lands are nothing but wastelands. Undead roam freely here. A powerful grim monolith is said to be the behind the undead.
3-Ruins of Ishland: This small city is now overrun by a wide range of monsters. The port in the city is run by a group of slavers, a floating keep is in the center of town and a group of mind flayer's have taken up residents.
4- Greymuck Swamp: This vast swamp is inhabited by several small groups of monsters ( bullywugs, lizard men and vegepygmys). Also in the swamp is a group of harpy's, giant frogs, and a large black dragon liar.

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