Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Carrying Cases

Their are many type's and styles of carrying case for all type's of games. Here are some of the improvised stuff I use.

                                First, I use a old cigar box for my dice box/pencil/mini holder.

Second. When I use to DJ I had many carrying cases for all of the crap I had to lug around. After leaving the night life and selling everything ( I thought). One day I was needing something for my MTG cards. I found this Grundorf CD case buried in a closest.

Next. I play ASLSK and hulling around a huge Plano case was just not cutting it. One day at WalMart, I came across this storage tray. It's only $7 bucks. Found them in the arts and craft area. What I like about these trays is the fact that they are concave on the bottom, so it's real easy to pull out the pieces.
And last. I was needing something to carry my ASLSK in. One day when I was at Big R looking for some new fishing lures and come across this cooler, yes I said cooler by MAD Coolers. The WalMart trays,MMP box for my maps and folder fit perfectly.