Sunday, November 20, 2011

Another funny pic.

Soooooo True, So true.
Some artwork from Michael Dashow.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Funny Pic

                                                 Elvis, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Friday, October 14, 2011


 Have not posted anything as of late. Work has been in overdrive. Work on the new "Top Secret Project" has been on schedule. Here's a clue to what it is. The new logo, a great drawing by Stephan Poag.
And one day last week as all old gamers do, was reminiscing with a few friends about the "Good O  Days" of gaming, movies and TV shows.  My friend John talked about a show I forgot all about. Been catching up on the shows on You Tube. Yea I should be working on the new project, but Dam this show takes me back. McCall was the shit back in the 80's!! Edward Woodward was a big mini wargamer as well.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cool new item for ASL players

 Over at they have come out with AFV Logic off-board counter system cards.

If anyone has ever played ASL, you know sometime's  it's a pain in the butt looking up all of them rules on AFV's. Countersmith Workshop has come up with a great idea. I give the smart cards 5 out of 5 stars.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


   Been home today feeling a little under the weather ( took a sick day from work). Not much on the boob tube today and so I was looking over some of my 1st edition modules and core books. The one thing I noticed was the fact that some of the pictures of characters who were wearing some of the lower armor class armor wearing helmets. Like the PC's on the back cover of S4 The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, two of them are wearing studded leather armor with helmets.
 Now in the Dungeon Masters Guide on page 28 it reads " It is assumed that an appropriate type of head armoring will be added to the suit of armor to allow uniform protection of the wearer. Wearing of a "great helm" adds the appropriate weight and restricts vision to the front 60', but it gives the head AC 1. If a helmet is not worn, 1 blow in 6 will strike at the AC 10 head, unless the opponent is intelligent, in which case 1 blow in 2 will be aimed at the AC 10 head ( d6 1-3= head blow)"
 This is a little used rule. Every thief I have played or GM'd, the thief wore leather armor but not a helment. Now, lets say the thief was wearing a +1 suit of Leather Armor, would this give his or her expossed head a AC 9? What if a thief was wearing a +1 suit of Leather Armor and had a dex. modafier of +2. The theif would have a AC of 5 but a head AC of 7? When I was GM'ing, if I would have looked at this overlooked rule, all of my guards would have been aiming for the head.
 Just want to know what your stance is on Helmets!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sad news for Forever Free

 Just to let every one know, I'll be shutting down on the 22nd of this mo. Not because of the money or anything else, but I've been working on a new project. I will still have this blog page going. So if you haven't downloaded any of the modules, go now!

So on that note.......

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Is the end near???

 As some of you might know, I work at a very large publishing company. Today we got news that Borders Book store chain will be going out of business. We will  no longer ship anything to any store's or warehouse's. Their stock has been on the market for over 6 mo. and no one bought any of it, to try and save the company. Sells of paperback and hardback books for this company have fallen over 50%, over the last 3 years.
 How will this affect the gaming community? Will WoTC drop the hard back items? With POD ( print on demand) about to go full force, will we be able to go down to the local gaming shop and get those books? Or are we destined to order any of our stuff from online shops?

 The world my never know................

Thursday, July 14, 2011

TV show's turned into game's

  Some of my favorite show that got turned into board games. I wish I had a hot tub time machine....or I guess I could go on e-bay.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

FFG 9 Quick Adventure

   Sorry about not posting anything as of late. My job has been in overdrive. I had 2 days off  for the mo. of June. And I have been working on a BIG side project where a gray clearance card is needed ( any of you old gamers might know that one). Hope you enjoy the adventure.         

                 Who Wants Mushroom's on their Salad?
                                  A adventure for characters of levels 3rd-5th

 This adventure can take place in any location. The players could inherit the small keep, hired by a local baron to clean it out or just trying to find shelter from a storm. The Keep is surrounded by mushroom's ranging in all sizes ( from 2 inches to 4 feet tall).  When the party approaches the Keep they will see that the two main doors are missing and their are several holes in the walls. A small tower seems to be undamaged.
 The Keep is infested with mushroom's and dangerous plants. All hallways and rooms will have some type of fungus in it. A evil Myconid has taken up residents with-in the Keep. It and a few other Myconid's was banished from their circle for act's of evil.The interior has a illuminating fungus that covers most of the Keeps interior ( except for noted area's). Vision with out a light source will be 15'.
DM Note: The Monster Manual 2 and the Fiend Folio is needed for some of the monsters in this adventure.

                                                         Main Floor
 Room 1: This is the main entrance to the keep. Both doors have been ripped off their hinges long ago and now are a pile of timber at the entrance. The room itself has a row of columns  that end at a large statue of some god. But now the room is covered by fungus and small mushrooms. The floor to this room is covered with mushrooms of all different colors and sizes. A small path leads from the entrance to room 10. If the players search the room they will find 2-20 death cap mushrooms.
Room 2: The room has a sweet syrup like odor and their are is a black fly infestation with-in the room.
Two Giant Sundew's  ( AC 7, Mv 1", Hit Dice 8, Hit Points 30, 27, Attacks special, Dmg 1-3 ) inhabit this room. Each Sundew can attack each player with up to 6 tendrils. These tendrils end in a sticky glob of sap. For every 3 tendrils that strike a victim, that victim will suffer a -1 on it's subsequent to-hit rolls. This effect is cumulative. The sap is composed  of a mild enzyme acid that will cause 1 point of damage per round for each tendril attached to the player until it is removed. The sap will become harmless if soaked with vinegar or alcohol. Each will attack until killed. If the players search the room they will find a body of a passing hobgoblin that was killed by the Sundew's. It has a Potion of Extra-Healing, a silver dagger and 30gp
Room 3: The wooden door to this room has swollen shut. A Open Door check will force the door open. The room is very damp and stinks of rotten vegetables. Three large piles of mushrooms sit in the far corner of the room. The mushroom's are 3 Phycomids  ( AC 5, Mv 3", Hit Dice 4, Hit Points 20 each, Attacks 2, Dmg 3-6/3-6 , Special Attacks: infection). Each Phycomids will attack until destroyed. Their is nothing of value in the room.
Room 4: The door to this room is locked. The room is dark and dusty. This room has no illuminating fungus and has no mushroom's or flora inside. When a light source is brought into the room, 3 bunk beds and 3 footlockers can be seen. This was one of the Keeps barracks. One of the footlockers is trapped. If opened a poison gas will fill the room ( save vs. poison or be sickened for 2-4 turns, -2 to all attacks and saves). The room contains the following items: a +1 Light Mace, a Bracers of Defence Ac 5, 7 +1 Arrows, 159sp, 44gp and a silver neck less worth 100gp.
Room 5: This area of the Keeps wall has been smashed down in two area's. Large mushroom's inhabit this room making travel difficult. The door to room 6 (which swings outwards)can be seen. A short but rather thick mushroom sits in front of it. The door will only open 1 foot and only a small player can fit though it.The mushroom will have to be chopped down for larger players to get by. It will take a players 1 turn with a axe to chop his or her way though.
Room 6: When the door is opened, the players will see 3 small plant like creatures with a red tinge to them. These creatures are Jalapeno Vegepygmy's ( AC 4, Mv 12", Hit Dice 2, Hit Points 12 each, Attacks 1, Dmg 1-6 or by breath weapon, see new creature for more info). The Vegepygmy's will attack first using their breath weapon and then wade into battle. If two of them are killed, the last one will attempt to flee down the stairs. Each carry a crude hand axe. The door to room 7 has a large padlock on it.
Room 7: The door has a finely crafted lock ( - 5% to pick. The keys to open the doors are located in Room 3 on the dungeon map) keeping the door shut tight. When the door is opened a large fireplace still burns. A large create and a wooden barrel rests in the along the wall. Inside the fireplace is a small Fire Elemental ( AC 2, MVDmg 2-16). The Fire Elemental was magically held in the fireplace by the baron. But after the years the magic has worn off, but the Fire Elemental has not left. Inside the crate are the remains of long gone bad rations. The wooden barrel has some very fine brandy left inside ( 5 gallons worth 150gp).
Room 8: This large room was the Keeps great dinning hall. A long 10' table rests in the center of the room with 7 chairs around it. A dormant fireplace sits along the back wall with two rotting tapestries hanging next to it. Black moss covers the tapestries. The moss are 2 Obliviax, memory moss  ( AC 10, Mv nil, Hit Dice 1-2 hit points, Attack special, Damage Nil). The moss will attack until destroyed.  Hidden inside one of the legs of a chair is a +1 Ring of Protection.
Room 9: The door to this room is slightly open. Inside the room are 2  Jalapeno Vegepygmy's ( same stats from Room 6). Each Vegepygmy will attack using their breath weapon and attempt to flee to room 6. The room has nothing of value.
Room 10: This room has a large hole in the wall. The room has 4 large ferns growing inside. Underneath the ferns are 7 Giant Frogs ( AC 7, Mv 3"/9", Hit Dice 1 each, Hit Points 7 each, Attack 1, Dmg 1-3/1-3/1-6) make their home. The Vegepygmy's are training these frogs as mounts. The frogs will not attack unless attacked. Nothing of value can be found.
Room 11: The doors to this room are very cold. Inside the room is a large patch of Brown Mold.
When any player enters the room the patch grow in size. Inside the room is a large crate with a pair of Boots of Dancing and a +1 Small Wooden Shield.
Room 12: This room was the kitchen at one time. A large steal table and a small fireplace are the only items of interest in the room. A Huge Spider ( AC 6, Mv 18", Hit Dice 2+2, Hit Points 17, Attack 1, Dmg 1-6) makes the fireplace it's home.The spider will attack the first player who enters the room and attempt to drag him or her into the fireplace. If reduced to less than 5 hit points, the spider will flee up and out of chimney. Resting at the bottom of the fireplace are bones and bits and pieces of it victims. Underneath the rubbish the players can find a gem worth 500gp, and a ivory flute worth 250gp.
Room 13: The door to this room is open and is covered in slimy black mushrooms. If any one touches these mushrooms with a glove on or bare skin, the player will have top make a save vs. poison or become sick for 2-12 days. The player gain a high fever, will move at half, all saves will be lowered by 2, and will have his or her vision reduced to 20 feet.
Room 14: Both doors to the tower are locked ( a -10% due to the complexity of the locks. The keys to open the doors are located in Room 3 on the dungeon map).
 When opened, a rush of moldy old books can be smelled and is dark. Inside is a large book shelve is toppled over in the center of room. Broken chairs and tables litter the floor. A iron spiral staircase leads up to the next level. If the players search the pile of books they will find the following items: a tome called " Barks of the World and their Medicinal Properties" worth 200gp, a thin leather bond book " Common Mushrooms" worth 50gp, and a magic-user scroll with Burning Hands, Web and Gust of Wind.

                                                            Upper Level 2

 The upper levels of the tower have not been taken over by the mushrooms. A thick layer of dust covers the upper levels of the tower. The tower has no windows or arrow slits.

Room 1: When the players enter this small 10'x10' room the sweet smell of perfume. A small table sits along a door to the south. On top of the table is a large crystal bottle with gold and silver inlays. A silver topper still corks this fine piece. If the bottle is opened a plum of sweet smelling smoke will fill the room in 1 round. The players must make a save vs. poison or be under the effect of a very powerful sleep spell. If a players fails his or her save, they will be out for 2-8 turns. The bottle has only one use. It is worth 300gp.
Room 2: Inside this room is a long rug (6 x 9) that goes from one door to the next. A small crate and a barrel stands next to a small pile of clothing. The rug is a small Trapper Rug ( AC 3, Mv 3", Hit Dice 6, Hit Points 31, Attack 2+, Dmg special, same as a normal Trapper, but appears as a rug).
 The crate and barrel have nothing of value, but the pile of clothing is a set of fine silk robes worth 100gp.
Room 3: This small 10' x 10' room has only a small stone altar with two gold candle holders resting on it. This is a small shrine to a long forgotten god. The candle holders are cursed. If anyone would take the holders out of the Keep, that player will start to change slowly to the opposite sex. This will take place over 2 weeks. A remove curse will remove the effects. The candle holders are worth 250gp each.

                                                            Upper Level 3

Room 4: The spiral staircase continues up to a metal hatch. A rusted bar hold the hatch tightly shut, otherwise the room is bare. A strength check must be made in order to move the bar so can be opened.
Room 5: This must have been a wizards study at some time. A large oak desk rests against the wall with a leather chair in front of it. On the desk are beakers, flasks, scrolls of parchment and so on.  A large wooden box sits next to the desk.
 The box is magical sealed and if opened a Wight ( AC 5, Mv 12", Hit Dice 4+4, Hit Points 21, Attack 1, Dmg 1-4) will be teleported into the room.
 On the table are the following items: 2 Potions of Extra-Healing, a pack of Dust of Disappearance, a scroll with Protection from Traps and a Pearl of Power-second level spell.
Room 6: A large bed is the only item in the room. A red silk sheet covers the bed. The sheet is a Sheet Phantom ( AC 3, Mv 6", Hit Dice 3, Hit Points 14, Attack 1, Dmg 1-4) will wait until a player sits on the bed, and then it will attack. Their is nothing of value in the room.

                                                     Roof Top
 If the players come up though the tower or scale the side the top of the tower is covered with light green climbing vine. A Yellow Musk Creeper ( AC 7, Mv nil, Hit Dice 3,Hit Points 13, Attacks 2-12, Dmg Special) has made it's  home here.

                                                       Dungeon Level

Room 1: At the bottom of the stair well are 4  Jalapeno Vegepygmy's ( same as room 6) will be here. If one of the Vegepyygmy's escaped from room 6, they will be waiting for the party. If a battle breaks out and lasts for more than 4 rounds, the Shambling Mound from room 4 will enter the room and attack. The crates and barrel have nothing of value in them.
Room 2: When the door to this room is opened, a bright light fills the room. With-in the room are 6 medium green pods attached to a large rust colored plant. This plant is where the Jalapeno Vegepygmy's grow from. The evil Myconid has crossed bred a jalapeno plant and russet mold. A body must be placed into one of the pods to make a Vegepygmy. This process takes 1 to 2 days.
 The light source is a Light spell cast on a lantern. The players will have 1 round before a Jalapeno Vegepygmy will emerge from one of the pods. It will attack the following round. The plant has a armor class of 10 and 40 hit points. It has no attacks or defence.
Room 3: This room is the Keeps jail cells. Now the Myconid uses it to hold prisoners. Hanging on the wall is a set of keys ( the keys will open all of the jail cells as well as the locks in Room 7 and 14).
3A: A local halfing ( 3rd level thief ) was caught just two days ago. He will beg for his freedom. If let out of his cell he will escape at the first chance he gets.
3B: A insane Gnoll is in the cell. He will attack if freed.
3C: The door to this cell is open. Inside the cell are 4 dead human body's. They were local farmers killed by the Jalapeno Vegepygmy's for the Myconid to turn them into animated corpse's.
Room 4: The room is a completely filled with mushrooms and garbage. Inside the room is  Shambling Mound ( AC 0, Mv 6", Hit Dice 8, Hit Points 40, Attacks 2, Dmg 2-16/2-16)  two Violet Fungi (AC 7, Mv 1", Hit Dice 3, Hit Points 13 and 11, Attack 1, Dmg 1-4) and three Shriekers ( AC 7, Mv 1", Hit Dice 3, Hit Points 14,12 and 10, Attack nil, Dmg nil). If a battle lasting more than 4 rounds in Room 1 the Shambling Mound  will have left the room. If the Shriekers give off their wail, it will alert the Myconid to intruders.
 The secret room to the south has not been found by any of the Keeps inhabitant's. If the players search though the garbage for more than 2 turns, they will find a +2 Dagger, Longtooth.
Room 5: This is the Keeps treasure room. When the Keep was under siege, the owner grabbed what he could and left what he couldn't carry. Inside the room is a small table and two small chests.
 The table has the following items: a small leather bag with 20 gems worth 10gp each, a pile of gold coins ( 56 in all), a small painting in a silver frame worth 100gp and a detailed handcrafted gold and silver inlay lantern worth 300gp. The two chests combined hold the following items: a suit of Gnome sized splintmail, 24 +1 Arrows, a +1 Hand axe, 700cp, 478sp, 150gp, and 40pp.
Room6: A small trickle of water runs down into this room. Standing around a small pool of water are 5 humanoids. Three of these are Animated Corpse's ( AC 10, Mv9", Hit Dice 1, Hit Points 4 each, Attack 2, Dmg 1-3/1-3) and two Myconid's ( AC 10, Mv 9", Hit Dice 4, Hit Points 20 and 18, Attack 1,Dmg 4-16). Their is nothing of value in the room.
Room 7: As the players approach the room, a bright light can be seen coming from it. When the players enter the room they will see a large black fungus standing around 12 feet tall.  It turns and attacks! The Myconid leader ( AC 8, Mv 9", Hit Dice 6, Hit Points 41, Attack 1 punch or 1 whip, Dmg 6-24 or 1-8+2 ). He will attack using his spore attacks first then wade into melee. He carries a +2 Vengfull Vine Whip ( see new magic items for more info), 3 Potions of Healing in orc skulls and a wears a +2 Ring of Protection. He will attack untill killed. A light spell cast at the top of the room is the light source. If a battle breaks out the Myconid's from room 8 will come to their leaders aid.
Room 8: Inside this small room are three Myconid's ( AC 10, Mv 9" Hit Dice 2 each, Hit Points 12 each, Attack 1, Dmg 2-8). All will attack until destroyed. Their is nothing of value in the room.


New Monster : Jalapeno Vegepygmy. Same stats as a nromal 2 Hit Dice vegepygmy, but each will have a pepper spray breath weapon. The range is 10' and the oppent must make a save vs. breath weapon or be blinded for 2-8 rounds. They can produce this twice per day.

New Magic Item: +2 Vengfull Vine Whip. This thorn riddled vine is around 7 feet long. When a hit is scored, the vine will drain 1-4 points of blood from it's target. Four every 8 points of blood drained from a target, it will give the weilder 1-4 temperary hit points. These hit points will last for 2-8 hours.



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For a good cause

Some of you might not know, but  I'm a huge WW II buff. If anyone has ever watched Band of Brothers they know who First Lt. Richard Winters is. Well he passed away in January. I came across this great foundation today. It's a project to put up a statue in normandy to honor Lt. Winters and other junior officers on D-Day. We must not forget those hero's of the past.

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Today is D-Day the 6th of June

Well I just got home from work and was expecting to watch something about this day on at least one channel. BUT NOTHING!? The history channel has American Pickers and Pawn Stars on all night, the Discovery channel has American Chopper on and AMC has nothing on either. And watched the 5pm news and not a peep.

On this day the allied forces started their finale push on the axis powers and no one is running anything on this day? We the allies lost around 8,443 brave men on D-Day.

Sad times.....Sad times indeed.

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Great subject

Their is a great read over at There's Dungeons Down Under about "Truth,Lies and Retro-clones". Check it out.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Backstory is for larpers and losers


Just had to share this. This is based on my good friend, Bill Cavalier. I've know bill now around 15 years or so. Bill is a artist and has done work for NASCRAG, a gaming group that has been running adventures at GenCon for more than 20 years. And I'm a loser as well because I allways have backstory's on my characters. Hope you enjoyed as much as I did.

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Gone Fishing

Sorry about not posting anything lately. Work has been kicking my butt, working on some side projects and with spring here, it's fishing season! So hang in their everyone, I have a lot of ideas in the works. Just need to plant my butt in front of my computer and get something done. And on that note...........................

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Gamma World


Their has been some talk as of late about Gamma World. When I think of Gamma World I think of Wizards. I think it was in 80' or 81' when my older brother got a beta ( yes, I said beta) tape of this movie. Our mother did not know what kind of cartoon this was and is ( she would have killed the both of us). The world has gone to hell in a hand basket, mutants run rampant, and weapons range from bows to laser guns. Wizards and Elves to Necromancer and Demons, this film had it all (to a 11 year old that is).

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FFG 8 Quick Adventure

                                                      Cat & Mouse
                      A Top Secret Adventure for Beginning Level Agents

 This adventure is for beginning level agents. It will be using 1st edition Top Secret rule system. The adventure will be taking place in the town of Portbou in Spain ( pop. 1,300). The city sits along the French/Spain broader of the Mediterranean coast. The town has a large Break-of-Gauge train station, a boat mariana and several hotels.  The agents mission is a surveillance job, to tail a Greek tourist Stefan Gretton and log his activity's.
 Stefan Gretton is actually Alger Hiss, a AVB agent ( Hungarian Intelligence Service). His mission in Portbou  is to research on the times and scheduling of the Spanish Military trains.

Agent: Alger Hiss   Code: AVB agent 4ts  Sex: Male    Handed: Right

PS  CH  W  CO  K  CD  OF  DP  EV   DA  MV   LL   HTH    SV
58   40   62   84  38  91   88   62   66    65   211  12   124   128

Languages: HU 90  GK 70
HT: 5'10"  Age: 36  Country: Hungarian   Glasses: No

 Alger carries the following items: a fake Greek Passport, $1,000 in Spanish Counterfeit Money, 35mm Camera with 12 rolls of film, Stiletto and a .22 pocket self-load Beretta (d) with 2 full clips.

  The players will be given several photo's of Stefan Gretton and  $2,500 in cash to equip themselves for the mission. Only pistols that can be hidden can be used, do to local gun laws. They will have reservations at same Hotel Costa Blava  for the next two week's.The PC's will arrive one day after Alger's checks in at the hotel.

                                        Hotel Costa Blava
  The Hotel Costa Blava is a two story building that sits along the Mediterranean in the town. The building has 32 rooms for rent, a large ball room, restaurant, and a bar/night club. The hotel staffs around 15 employees at any given time of day (cooks, maids, bartender,  etc.). The hotel has two security guards (one in the daytime and the other at night).
 When the players arrive at the hotel, 16 of the rooms are currently being rented. The players rooms will not be next to Alger Hiss for the two rooms adjacent to his are occupied by other tourist's. The rooms are basic hotel rooms with a double bed, bathroom, a small table with two chairs and a television. Room service starts their cleaning at around 10am.

 Alger Hiss's room is located on the second floor and is room number 28. In his hotel room he has the normal items a tourist would have for a two week vacation ( clothing, suntan lotion, etc). Inside a secret pocket in his suitcase is a note with the following numbers on it: 3/1500, 6/900, 10/1330 and 14/1645. This is a coded time for his dead drop's* of the information he has gathered. The first number is the day ( 3/ ) and the second is military time ( / 1500 ). 3/1500 is day 3 at 3pm. 6/900 is day 6 at 9am. 10/1330 is day 10 at 1:30pm and the last is day 14 at 4:45pm. Their are several magazines on modern trains, model trains and local train ticket (set for two weeks from now).
 His dead drop location is at the public bathrooms in the park. Inside the bathroom their are 4 stalls. Alger will only use the last stall (no.4). One of the tiles on the back wall is lose and form a small secret compartment. Each day that their is a dead drop, a different man will enter the restroom and pick up the information Alder Hiss left behind.
 * Dead Drop- A dead drop is a prearranged hidden location for depositing and picking up messages and money in a clandestine manner, without the parties involved.

                                                    Alder Hiss Schedule
  Here is a list his daily activities:
  Day 1: Alger Hiss arrives at the Hotel Costa Blava at 3:00pm. He spends the rest of the night in his room.
  Day 2: Alger Hiss leaves the Hotel at 10:00am and surveys the town until 4:30pm. The players will arrive  at the hotel at 11:30am. Alger Hiss will spend one hour at the hotels restaurant and retire to his room for the night.
  Day 3: Alger Hiss will leave at 8:00am to take pictures of the town. He will spend two hours hanging in and around the train station. At 3:00pm he will make his first dead drop at the parks restroom. He will leave a roll of film with pictures of several trains. At 4:00pm Alger will spend around one hour in the hotels bar having a few drinks and retire to his room for the night.
  Day 4: At 9:00am Alger will eat breakfast at the hotels restaurant. Alger will leave at 10:00am and take a local charter boat to see the sites. This boat trip will take three hours. At around 1:00pm, he will wander around town indiscriminately to see if he is being followed. At 5:00pm he will take in a movie. After the movie, he'll head back to his room for the night.
  Day 5: Heavy rain day. Alger will spend most of the day in his room. At 8:30pm, he will leave the hotel and head down to a local bar. He will drink alone until 11:30pm and head back to the hotel for the night.
  Day 6: Alger will leave his room at 6:00am and do some jogging around the train station. Again he will use the park's restroom at 9:00am and leave his dead drop. He will leave a roll of film of some military trains that passed though town. At 3:00pm he will do some sunbathing on the beach. Alger will retire to his room after 5:45pm.
  Day 7: Alger will have breakfast delivered to his room. Alger leaves at 10:30am to wonder around town again to see if he is being tailed. At 1:30pm, Alger will buy a newspaper and sit at the train station. At 2:15pm a Spanish Military train will arrive. He will secretly take pictures of the train and number of soldiers. After the train leaves, he will proceed back to his room for the day.
 Day 8: Alger will leave the hotel at 10:45am and meet with another AVB agent at a bistro for lunch. Not much will be discussed about Alger's mission, except for "How are things going?" Alger will reply everything is going well. After lunch, Alger will walk with the other AVB agent to the train station. He will leave on a train heading to France. Alger will head back to the hotel for the day.
 Day 9: Alger will leave the hotel at 10:00am for a hike in the hills surrounding the train station. He will set up and take pictures of several trains though out the day. At 12:45pm a Spanish Military train will stop at the station. At 1:00pm the train will leave and Alger will head back to the hotel. At 9:00pm, he will head down to the hotels bar for a few drinks. At 1:15am he will retire for the night.
 Day 10: Alger will stay in his room and order in breakfast. At 1:15pm he will take a walk in the park and use the restroom. He will leave the film from the day before in the dead drop location. At 8:00pm, Alger will take in a local play. At 10:30 he will leave the play and head back to the hotel for the night.
Day 11: At 7:00am, Alger will head down to the docks and board a charter service. He will be fishing until 4:00pm. He will head back to the hotel. At 5:00pm, he will take a walk around town to see if he is being followed. Then he will return to his room for the night.
Day 12: At 8:45am, Alger will have breakfast in the hotels restaurant. A man will approach him and slip him a note. The man is another AVB agent. The note reads that they have received intell that their might be western agents in town. Alger will become wary of any one who might be following him. If the players have had contact with him several times, he will suspect that they are other agents. At 9:30am, Alger will sit in the park and read a book for most of the day. He is looking if anyone who might be watching him.
Day 13: Alger will get a phone call at 9:30am that the agency thinks the mission has been compromised. He will pack up his items and head for the train station. He will buy a ticket for Paris France. He will  not return.

 If any time Alger thinks he is being tailed, he will change up his normal routine. He will not confront the players, but will pull the plug on his mission if he feels threatened.

                                        Random Events
                   Roll on the random encounter chart once in the daytime and twice at night.
01-05  A pair of street thugs attempt to rob the agents. One is armed with a switchblade(gg) and the other is armed with a .22 small frame, swing-out revolver ( b, 6 rounds of ammo).
06-10  A local undercover police officer will stop the agents and ask some basic questions about themselves.
11-15  Six drunken Spanish Sailors will offer to buy the agents drinks.
16-20  A call girl will approach the agents and flirt with them.
21-25  A drunken former KBG agent will approach one of the agent and call him or her out!
26-30  A scientist will approach the agents and offer them a vial of liquid. And then he will leave. The vial contains nothing but normal soda pop.
31-35  A black car will speed up and stop in front of the agents. Three men in black suits will get out and grab a women and toss her in the car. The men are from a local mob. The women is the mob bosses daughter who ran away.
36-40  The agents find a roll of Spanish currency. Total cash found: $375
41-45  The agents start being tailed themselves. A URA agent ( United Red Army-Japan) will tail them for two days.
46-50  Some local bullies are chasing after a small boy. The boy will hide behind the agents crying and screaming for help!
51-55  A rogue agent will approach the agents and threaten to blow their cover if they don't pay him $1,000 in cash.
56-60  The players will find a 9mm Uzi (t) with a full clip, lying in some bushes.
61-65  A local thief will attempt to pick the pocket of a agent.
66-70  One of the agents room is ransacked when they are away. Any money or weapons will be gone.
71-75  The agents find a dead Spanish Police Officer. His side arm is missing. He has been stabbed to death.
76-80  The agents are stopped by the Spanish Secret Police and asked numerous questions about their suspicious activity's.
81-85  The agents will find a roll of blueprints. They are of some type of experimental aircraft.
86-90  The agents will find various listening devices in their rooms.
91-95  A gun fight breaks out between the police and a local gang.
96-00  A KGB assassin has been sent to kill the agents!

 The players will succeed in their mission if the uncover Alger Hiss's mission or find his dead drop. If their cover is blown the agents will fail in their mission.

 If you need any maps, please go to for real life maps of Portbou Spain.

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FFG 7 Quick Adventure

                                    Revenge is Bitter Sweet
                                      A adventure for characters of levels 7th-9th 

 This adventure is made for the bad guys! It will take place along a desert or a arid plane. A local evil baron will hire the party to take out some revenge against a Brass Dragon named "Tutiya". The baron was on the verge of wiping out a good aligned stronghold, when Tutiya came to the rescue. The dragon decimated the barons army. He will pay the group 2,000 gp and whatever treasure that might pillage from the dragon. He will provide a map to the location of the dragons hold. He knows that their are some good aligned guards their as well. The baron has hired a previous group to kill the dragon, but they failed in their attempt. He will not tell the PCs this.

 The dragons cave is located along a steep cliff side. The door to the cave system is a heavy iron door that is locked. The secret door is well hidden ( minus 1 to any detection rolls). The dungeon is well lit with brass braziers every 50 feet or so (each brazier is equal to a torch, unless otherwise noted). The cave systems floor is sand covered except for rooms 1-5. DM note: Their is allot of magical treasure in this adventure. You can take away any of the former adventuring groups treasure, cut some of the guards treasure down a bit as well.

                                           Tutiya's Cave

Room 1: This is a guard room. If the door is messed with ( e.i. pulling on the door, tinkering with the lock and so on), a voice will come from behind the door. The word of " Trumpet " can be heard. This is a pass word. The response is "Brass" as in Brass Trumpet. If the players don't respond in 6 or more rounds the guards will be ready for a fight. Inside the room are three 3rd level human fighters who where chainmail, carry a large wooden shield, and wield scimitars and a 5th level human cleric who where's a suit of +2 scalemail, carries a +1 small steel shield, and wields a +1 hammer. His spells are the following:
1st lvl- Bless, Cure Light Wounds and Remove Fear
2nd lvl- Hold Person, Silence 15' Radius and Dust Devil
3rd lvl- Dispel Magic
Treasure: each guard will have 50 gp, 100 sp and a red ruby pendent worth 250 gp each.

Room 2: This hallway has a simple trip wire that is attached to a bell. If the players trip the bell alarm, the guards from room 3 and the Jann from room 5 will exit from their rooms and attack the party.

Room 3: This room is the barracks for the guards. Inside are three 3rd level human fighters ( same as from room 1). Their are 3 bunk beds with a footlocker at the foot of each.
Treasure: each guard has 50 gp, 100 sp, and a red ruby pendent worth 250 gp each. Inside the room the players can find a +1 dagger, and 3 Potions of Extra-Healing.

Room 4: This is a storage room. Inside are enough food supplies for weeks ( dried meats, fruits, water, weak wine, ext.).

Room 5: This room is the home of the captain of the guards. He is a Jann ( Ac 0, Hit Dice 6+2, Hit Points 45, Attack 1, Dmg 2-8 + 5 ( +1 Large Scimitar and +4 from 18/81 strength). He wears a suit of +2 chainmail, wields a +1 Large Scimitar ( equal to a bastard sword), Ring of Free Action, and a Rope of Entanglement. The Jann is here because Tutiya saved his life years ago. He will fight to the death. Inside the room is a large bed with silk bed sheets ( worth 100 gp) and small painting ( worth 200 gp) a Everfull Mug, a Ring of Protection from Stone Guardians sits on a small desk. Inside the desk is a red ruby pendent worth 250 gp.

Room 6: This small 10x15 room has two Caryatid Columns ( 22 hit points each). Their commands are to attack anyone who is not wearing one of the red ruby pendents. The Caryatid Columns will attack until destroyed. Nothing of interest is here.

Room 7: When the PCs approach this room, they will see that the room is pitch black ( a Darkness 15' radius was cast). A 15 foot deep and 5x5 pit ( 2d6 damage) sits in front of the passage leading from room 6. If the players approach from room 11,they will see a 8' long board resting on the floor before the darkness ( the guards from room 13 used it to cross the pit). At the bottom is a thin layer of Sovereign Glue. If a player falls into the pit, he or she will be stuck to the bottom of the pit unless the players strips of their armor or clothing.

Room 8: The hallway ends in a small cave that is unlit. Inside are the remains of a dead thief. This is one of the first group of adventures the baron hired to kill the dragon.The thief's leather armor has been ripped to shreds. Her broken longsword rests next to her. Inside her backpack are 12 rusted iron spikes, a set of thief's tools, a Potion of Feather Falling, 35 pp and 78 gp.

Room 9: Inside this room are two Stone Guardians ( Hit Points 30 each). Each Stone Guardian has detect invisibility ability. They will attack until defeated. Their is nothing of value here.

Room 10: As the PCs approach they will see the sandy floor start to move. This is the home of a very large Sandling ( Hit Dice 6, Hit Points 35). The sandling will attack the party for it is very territorial.
Treasure: Underneath the sandling is the remains of a halfling mage from the first party that was hired by the baron. Their is a pair of Bracers of Defence AC 5, a +2 dagger, Longtooth, a fine wool cloak ( a 500 gp gem hidden with-in) a bottle of fine brandy worth 100 gp, 57 gp, 240 sp and 130 cp. His spell book is nowhere to be found.

Room 11: This main junction of the cave system is well lit. Their are 4 brass braziers in the room. If the players enter the room without wearing the red ruby pendents, each player  must make a save vs. spell. The brass braziers will shoot flames from them and fill the room. The damage is 4d6 and the trap will reset every other round. The braziers can be destroyed.

Room 12: This cave complex area is unstable.  For every round the players linger around this room, their is a 5% chance that the room caves in. Anyone who is caught in the cave-in will take 5d6 damage and has a chance of being suffocated to death.

Room13: Two guards will be wondering here ( with the same equipment and treasure from room 1). Each will fight to the death.

Room 14: A large cone shaped hole is in the center of the room. Around the edge of the hole are a few gold pieces. This is the home of a Ant Lion ( Hit Points 40). It will attack until reduced below 10 hit points, then it will flee underground.
Treasure: The gold around the edge is the remains of a fighter from the first group of adventures. If the players deal with the Ant Lion and do some digging they will find the following items: a suit of splintmail, a + 1 Footman's Pick, a jeweled encrusted dagger ( worth 100gp), a Potion of Healing, and 120 gp.

Room 15: This room appears empty. A pressure plate is set up underneath the sand. It stretches across the room from north to south. If stepped on, a bell will ring in room 18 and will alert Tutiya.

Room 16: Lying under the sand in this room are two Caryatid Columns ( 22 hit points each) will surprise the party. They too will not attack any PC who is wearing one of the red ruby pendents.

Room 17: The floor to this room is trapped. A large sinkhole will suck down any player who walks into the room. The player who falls into the sinkhole will go under in 4 rounds. If tossed a rope, a combined strength  of 40 is needed to pull out a player. The guards know to stay away from this room.

Room 18: This large cave is the home of the Brass Dragon named Tutiya ( age-Old, Hit Dice 8, Hit Points 59, he can speak and employ magic). If the alarm is rung from room 15, he'll be waiting for the PCs. Sitting on top of a large pile of treasure. He will at first ask the players to surrender or die. His spells are the following:
1st lvl- Magic Missile, Protection from Evil and Sleep
2nd lvl- Darkness 15' Radius, Mirror Image and Web.
 The cave has a hole in the ceiling that is covered up with a illusion. It is how Tutiya comes and goes. The shaft is 20x20 and is over 100 feet tall. If things go bad (if dropped below 15 hit points), he will attempt to flee out of the cave though the hole in the ceiling.
Treasure: The pile of treasure is of mostly coins: 13,604 cp, 8, 900 sp, 4,109 gp, 245 ep and 40 gems worth from 5 gp-100gp each.

Room 19: Treasure room. This is where Tutiya keeps his prized items. They are the following items: a Ring of Warmth, a Wand of Steam & Vapor, a Carpet of Flying, a + 1 Suit of Studded Leather Armor, a +3 Spear, a small chest with a golden crown and scepter worth 1,200 gp, 10 different painting worth from 50 gp to 1,000 gp and a large book case with 40 different tomes and books ( a Manual of Gainful Exercise is among these books) worth 1,000 gp.

Ending the Adventure: If the players succeed in killing Tutiya, the baron will pay the players what he promised them. If Tutiya survives, he will be forever looking for the party members.

                                                      1 square = 5 feet

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FFG 6 Quick Adventure

                                             Three Ring Circus
                                      A adventure for characters of levels 4th-6th

 This adventure takes place in a large park, just outside of a city. The circus is in town and has set up their show in a large park. The PC's arrive in the city by whatever means is appropriate and the party is approached by the owner of the circus on the second morning. He is Ivan the Great, a elderly human in his 70's. He will tell the party that some one has let some of his main attractions lose. He will pay the party 500 gp if all of his "pets" are safely returned.

  DM Notes: His "pets" are and can be very dangerous. For he has lost a pair of Gorillas, a Owlbear, a Gelatinous Cube, a pair of Rust Monsters and a small Basilisk. Ivan will provide each party member with a +1 club( for subdueing) a blindfold ( for the Basilisk) and a jar of ointment and goggles ( for the Gelatinous Cube). The Group will be lent a wagon with 4 large cages (3 steel cages and a wooden cage) a large glass cage and a large tarp ( to cover up the Basilisk).He will give a vague description of his pets, but will not tell the party what they are. Ivan will accompany the players, but will not take any part in recapturing his pets.
 A discouraged juggler/jester set his pets free after being fired for stealing. He is now located in area 7.

Area 1: This large tent (100' x 40') is where the circus has set up. Several wagons, smaller tents, horses and circus workers are here. No one knows who or why someone has set his pets free, but it happened in the middle of the night.

Area 2: This swampy area in the park. Along the edge is the Gelatinous Cube. Ivan will tell the PC's that the players will have to get down to their under where. Then they will have to put the ointment    ( Ointment of Protection From Gelatinous Cubes) all over themselves. This will protect the players from the effects of the cube, but smells like a dirty sock. The goggles will protect their eyes. The one thing Ivan will not tell the PC's is that the ointment will not come off for a week. DM note: Battling the Gelatinous Cube could be very interesting. The cube will attempt to swallow the pc's but the ointment will protect them. If  their is a Paladin or some one with a high social rank, this could be very fun ( the holy order of the paladin or a wealthy hierarchy could be walking in the park and see him/her in their under where all oiled up). After the Gelatinous Cube is subdued, it can be placed in the large glass cage.

Area 3:  A large grove of apples, pears and plums trees are located here. Sitting in some of the highest apple trees are the 2 missing Gorilla's. The Gorilla's will not come out from the tree and will begin to pelt the party with rotten apples.

Area 4: When the party approaches this area, they will see two deer statues along the edge of the woods. Ivan will inform the party that this is the work of one of his pets. He will tell the party to make a large circle and put on your blindfolds. Ivan will attempt to guide the party from the trail, but his eye sight is not as good as it used to be.The players can start from any of the map locations 1-8. Each hex is 30 feet.
Mud: The player who walks into the mud must make a Dex check or fall flat on his or her rump and into the mud.
Water: Anyone who walks into the water will go up to their waste and must make a Dex check to avoid not going under. At the bottom of one of the water holes is a +2 Shortsword.
Briar Patch: This area is full of briars. Should be fun trying to get out blind folded.
Small Drop: The small hill is only 3 feet high or drop ( depends on which way the player approaches from), but when your blind folded, away you go!
Trees: You ever walk into a tree at night? Ouch goes the nose.
Basilisk: This creature has only 3 hit dice and will at first warm up to the first PC, but when he or she swings the +1 club, she'll run away to a new location on the map.

Area 5: The players will approach a water fountain and see 2 small children playing with the rust monsters
( they are friendly). But will get hungry if a PC approaches in that yummy armor!

Area 6: This thickly wooded pine grove is where the Owlbear is hiding. The Owlbear is still wearing it's pink vest and bells on its collar. It can be lured into its cage with some fresh meat.

Area 7: This area has two large gazebos where a bard is playing some music for a group of onlookers. The jester ( a 5th level thief) who set Ivan's pets free is here watching the show. He will flee if he see Ivan with the party.
                                                                Area 4 map
Overall Map
1 hex = 300 feet

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Star Trek Meets Monty Python


Oh my. LOL. One of my friends just sent me this.

World War II Games

Just thought I would share some of my favorite WW2 games and some links to learn how to play.

1st.- Advanced Squad Leader. ASL is a strategy game that deals on the squad level. A great link to learn how to play is a You Tube page called  "wargamecop's". He has Lot's of video's on how to play. ASL is now being produced by . The difficulty is high, but the rules are very well organized. Some battles can last for hours, so be warned.

2nd.- Memoir '44. A great new game that is quite easy to learn and easy to play. The web page is . On their web site, they have a quick video that is put together well and explains how the game works.


3rd.- Of course Axis & Allies. I think everyone knows this one :-) !

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Raising Funds for Japan

DriveThur RPG is raising funds to help the people of Japan. It's only $5 bucks. Or you could always got to and donate.

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FFG 5 Quick Adventure

                                     The Battle to Protect
                                    A Adventure for Characters of levels 6th-8th

 This quick adventure is based on the players entering a village that is currently under attack. The humanoid army is lead by a pair of Hill Giants. The players will enter from the top of the map along the road. They will notice smoke and fires from  burning home's and store's.

Area 1: This farm is currently on fire. The home and the two barns engulfed in flames. The humans that lived here have been killed and looted. Standing around watching the blaze is a small band of humanoids ( 10 Hobgoblins, 4 Bugbears and a Orge). A large rowboat is docked at a pier. The boat can hold up to 6 players safely. Treasure: 250 gp, 340 sp and a +2 Small Wooden Shield.

Area 2: This is the main part of the village. Some 20 buildings are located here. Most of the villagers have fled when the humanoid army approached. Currently their are 20 Hobgoblins, 7 Orcs and 10 Bugbears raiding the village. Treasure: 350 gp, 50pp, and a +1 Spear.

Area 3: This wooded area is where most of the villagers have fled too. Hiding in the most dense part of the forest are 40 villagers ( 0 level humans) and 3 village guards ( 1st level fighters, who wear chainmail, shield and carry longswords). The villagers will not fight and the guards will fight with the players if the villagers are safely escorted to a safe palce.

Area 4:  This long bridge ( over 200 yards long) is guarded by a group of Hobgoblins (19 Hobgoblins wielding longbows and longswords) and a Evil Wizard ( 7th level Human Wizard, +3 Staff, Wand of Fireballs and a Potion of Flying). If the fight goes bad, the wizard will use the Potion of Flying to escape. Treasure: 200 gp, 300 sp and 3 gems worth 100 gp each.

Area 5: This is one area where the village guards have beat back some of the humanoids. Their are 5 farms located here. Their are 12 town guards here ( 11, 1st level fighters and a 3rd level Sergent) and 20 villagers.
Six of the guards are wounded and need healing. Around 10 hobgoblins and 10 bugbears are dead. The guards will help the party if the villagers are safely escape. Treasure: none

Area 6: This is the fishing side of the village. Around 20 buildings are located here. They range from homes to large warehouses. Eight large docks sit along this side of the lake. Most of the villagers from this area has been killed. Several of the village's guards has also been killed here.Their are only 6 Hobgoblins, 13 Orcs and 1 Orge looting this area. Treasure: 150 gp, 800 cp, and a Bag of Holding.

Area 7: Large farm. This large farm is the home of a retired druid (9th level half-elf druid, she where's a +4 suit of Leather Armor, and wields a +3 Quarter Staff). When the players arrive they will see her battling 4 Bugbears, 10 Orc's and a Hill Giant. The druid has a large tiger as a pet. Treasure: The hill giant carries 550 gp, 2,000sp and a +1 Great Club.

Area 8: This small fishing house is where the local hermit lives. A group of villagers are hiding out here ( 0- level, 9 in all). All will flee at the first sign of trouble. Treasure: none

Area 9: This uphill area is lightly wooded. A group of tents are set up here. This is the camp of the humanoid army. Inside their camp are only a group of 15 Bugbears. Treasure: 1,300 gp and 12 + 2 arrows.

Area 10: As the players approach, a siege is taking place. The players will see a large group of humanoids entering the tower. Outside the tower is a very large Hill Giant ( +2 HD). He is the leader of this army. Treasure: Portable Hole, 1,900 gp, 350 sp, 7 gems worth 250 gp each, a + 2 Dagger of Vemon and a + 3 suit of Studded Leather Armor.

1 Hex = 100 yards            
                                            The Tower
                              The tower is made of stone and is three stories tall.
                                                                Level 1
 Room 1: This is the entry hall. The door has been smashed in. Four dead guards and eight dead orcs are on the floor.

 Room 2: This room is the greeting room. It has been ransacked and rummaged though. Their is nothing of value or interest here.
 Room 3: This large room is the dinning hall. A large table sits in the center and 16 chairs round the table. A stone staircase lead up. Two dead  Bugbear are lying at the bottom of the staircase.
 Room 4: This room is the towers kitchen. Inside are 3 Bugbears and 2 Hobgoblins eating. The door to room 5 is barred from the inside.
 Room 5: This storage room is filled with food, wine casks and barrels of ales. Inside are the towers cooks and maid's ( five 0-level humans). They have stacked creates and have barred the door. They will not fight and will flee at the first opportunity.
 Room 6: This room is the bedroom of the captain of the guard. The room has been ransacked and their is nothing of value here.
 Room 7: This room is a library. Books are thrown all over the floor and book cases toppled over. Treasure: 4 arcane scrolls ( roll at random) and a Rod of Wonder.

                                                               Level 2
 Room 1: At the top of the staircase is a dead guard holding a +1 longbow.
 Room 2: This large room is the towers barracks. Their are 10 bunk beds and a small table. Hiding under one of the beds is a Halfling ( 2nd level thief, he wears +1 leather armor, and a shortsword). He is a friend of the lord. The players can hear a battle raging in Room 3.
 Room 3: At the bottom of the stairs are 5 Bugbears shooting heavy crossbows up the stairs. They are battling the remaining guards from upstairs. The battle is being fought on the staircase and in Room 1 on level 3.
 Room 5: This room is a lords study. A large statue of a minor god. Inside are 3 Hobgoblins and 1 Orge.
Treasure: 2 paintings worth 500 gp each, a large silver urn worth 100 gp and a pair of + 1 swords crossed hanging on the wall. The door to Room 6 is wizard locked.
 Room 6: This room is is the towers treasure room. Treasure: 2 large chests with 500 gp and 500 sp in each, a suit of +1 scalemail armor, a set of gold and silver dishes worth 1,000 gp and 4 potions of extra-healing.
                                                                Level 3
 Room 1: This room is in the middle of a fierce battle. Six tower guards ( 1st level fighters), the Captain of the Guard ( 6th level fighter/2nd level cleric) and the Lord of the Tower ( 7th level fighter) are fighting 7 Bugbears, 8 Hobgoblins and a Orge Mage.
 Room 2: This room is the towers temple. It has a altar to the same minor god statue from Room 5 on level 2. Treasure: Their are 3 large tapestries worth 250 gp each.
 Room 3: This room is a sitting room. Two guards ( 1st level fighters) are here protecting the door to room 4. Treasure:  a hidden compartment holds a Bag of Holding with 300 gp and 25 gems worth 25 gp each.
 Room 4: This is the lords bedroom. Inside are the Lords wife ( 0-level human) and his two children ( both are 0-level). Treasure: a gold crown worth 200 gp, silk bed sheets worth 100 gp, a small paintin g worth 500 gp, a silver mirror worth 100 gp and a teek wood desk with gold inlays worth 2,000 gp.
 Room 5: The door to this room is wizard locked. This is the room to the towers wizard. He is currently away from the village. Treasure: 1 arcane scroll with  four 3rd level spells, a Serpent Staff, and a +1 dagger +3 vs. demons.

  If the players save the village and the Lord of the Tower, they will be very grateful.  The Lord will grant the players some near-by land with a old castle. The castle is in ruins and needs to be cleaned out ( further adventures for the party).

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It's the beginning, zombie's are on the way

This I have to put into the WTF?

One Page Dungeon Contest 2011 Announced

 Just to let every one know that the one page dungeon contest has started last week. The deadline for the contest is set for april 1st.

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1st. edtion pod casts

Dont know if any of you listen to pod casts, but here's two I listen too. They are 1E rules based casts.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Community - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Pt 1/2 - Season 2 Episode 14


Don't watch much of the TV show Community, but this one is a instant classic.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Paper vs. e-Books

  I work at a very large publishing company. Today we had a 1-hour video meeting about how the e-books are changing the publishing industry. Our sales for 2010 where projected to be at around 4%, but the sales where around 9%. Their projected sales of e-books by 2015 was around 20%, but now their thinking it could reach 50% in TOTAL sales. Over the past year alone, a estimated 15 million i-pads were sold world wide. Not to exclude all of the app's for cell phones, kendalls and so on.
  Now, I'm a old school gamer and I love my old books. I also love getting my hands on some of the new material that is being published right now. I was sad to see a few years back when dragon and dungeon magazine went to e-books. I just like the feel of having a book or magazine in my hands.
  My question is this: what is your thought on Paper vs. e-Books?

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Sorry, had to get off subject.


I'm a huge Black Keys fan. Love their music style. I follow them on facebook and this is their offical new music video. I hope you enjoyed it as mush as i did :-) !!

New Module is Done

 My new module is done. Just go to  and look for FFG 4 Adventure Interludes.

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FFG 4 Quick Adventure

                                             Terrible Trouble in Bumbleville
                                       A first edition adventure for characters of levels 4-6 
 The village of Bumbleville is a quite, little town on the edge of a large swamp. The village has had little threats for as long as anyone can remember. But in the last few weeks, the village has come under attack from a group of frog men. Your party has been hired to solve the problem.
 Bumbleville is a fishing and farming village ( 100 pop. ). The village has little to offer as a reward, but can muster up 200gp and supply the party with 3 canoes. If the party is of lower level or is a smaller group, the village can provide 3 potions of extra-healing as well. The villagers will give the players the following information: 1- The frog men have been seen coming from a trail on dry land across the lake (area 1). 2- The attacks come only in the morning hours. 3- And strange mushroom men has also been seen wandering along the edge of the swamp and 4- A large fire was seen in the swamp some 4 weeks ago. It burned for several days ( area 2 ).
 The problem is that a evil blue Slaad has taken up residents in a old tower in the middle of the swamp. A group of bullywugs that inhabit the swamp believes that the Slaad is their god.

 The swamp has many inhabitants. Here is a wandering  monster chart. Encounters happen on a 40% chance. Roll once every two hours that the players are in the swamp ( except for area 3 and 6 ).
 Roll 1d 12.
1- 1 giant Snake
2- 2-8 giant Leeches
3- 1 giant Crayfish
4- swarm of mosquitoes
5- 3-18 Bullywug patrol ( this encounter happens only twice, if rolled a third time no encounter happens).
6- A lone Myconid wandering the swamp.
7- 1-2 giant Spiders
8- 3-18 Stirges
9- 1 giant Turtle or 1-6 giant Frogs
10- Quicksand
11- Strange lights or sounds in the distance ( up to the DM what they might be)
12- Special Encounter ( roll 1d4, each encounter happens only one time)
       1- Bullywug Ambush. A group of Bullywug's will set up a ambush on the party. They will wait underwater and surprise the group. Their are 10 Bullywug's in all. Nine are normal Bullywug's, but their is one leader (2HD) who carries a +1 spear.
       2- Swamp Gas. Players must  make a save vs. poison or be sickened for 1 hour. Players who are sickened take a -1 to all saves, -1 to armor class and -1 to damage and attacks.
       3- Blackdragon fly over. As the party moves through the swamp, a large blackdragon flys over. The dragon will not notice the party. The encounter is just meant to keep the players on their toes.
       4- The players stumble across a giant red stone monolith. It stands over 30' tall and is as smooth as glass. The monolith gives off a faint aura of magic. Their are no inscriptions anywhere on the monolith.

   Encounter area 1
 This area is lightly wooded with some small hills. A trail can be easily found. The trail has several traps along the path from area 1 to area 2. A covered spiked fill pit ( 3d6 damage ), a trip wire with a poison tipped light crossbow ( as a 4 HD monster, 1d4 damage, save vs. poison or suffer a additional 3d6 damage ) and  another trip wire that is attached to a large wasp nest. If the trip wire is tripped, it will tear the wasp nest open. Wasp swarm ( AC 6 , MV 18", HD 2, HP 12, ATT 4, Dmg 1-4 ).

   Encounter area 2
 This area was where the fires were seen by the villagers. The area was the home of a group of lizard men. The Slaad had the Bullywugs attack the lizard man village to remove the threat. In the heat of the battle, the woods caught on fire and burned down the lizard man village as well as the surrounding woods. If the players search the burned out village, they will find a small chest under some rubble. Inside is the following items: 150 gp, 200 sp,  3 white pearls worth 100 gp each, and a +1 shortsword of light.

   Encounter area 3
 The players can see that this 2 mile wide and 4 mile long area rises above the swamp. Steep cliffs ranging from 20 feet to over 100 feet surround the plateau. A small trail can be found that leads up top. On top of the plateau is a small temple that has fell into ruins. It is little more than a few walls and columns. A pair of Displacer Beasts roam hear. ( AC 4, Move 15", HD 6, HP 30 each, ATT 2, Dmg 2-8/2-8, Special Attacks: nil, Special Defence: -2 on opponents attack dice ). In their lair is the following items: 300gp, 45 pp, 4 gems worth 50 gp each, a +2 small wooden shield and a magic-user scroll with the following spells ( mirror image, web, gust of wind and plant growth).
 If the players deal with the Displacer Beasts, they will find it a safe place to rest. Fresh water can be found along with some fruit trees ( apple, pear and peach) and small wild game ( rabbits and small boars ). Do not roll any random encounters here.

   Encounter area 4
 This flat land is lightly wooded and is mostly grasslands. This is the home of several Brontosaurus's ( 5 in all). They will be found along the north and east side of the area in the lake. These giants will ignore the party for the most part ( unless one of the players cast a fireball at one of them, and then things could get very interesting). The Bullywugs stay away from this area, as most other creatures do. Their is nothing of value or interest here.

   Encounter area 5
 This area has the feel of being back in the dinosaur era. Strange plants, insects and animals can be found here. Small dinosaurs are numerous ( compsognathus, camptosaurus and others). The players will be attacked 3 giant Dragonfly's ( AC 3, Move 1"/36", HD 7, HP 32, 29, 26, ATT 1, Dmg 3-12). If the players search the area, they will find the remains of a lone adventure. She has the following items on her: a +1 suit of studded leather armor, normal longsword, a potion of healing, 46 gp, 10cp and a map ( could be a treasure map, map to a ancient artifact or whatever you what it to be).

   Encounter Area 6
 This area is a small mushroom forest. Mushrooms from 1 inch to some over 30 feet tall can be found here. A "circle" of Myconid inhabit the forest ( around 100 ). They will first be weary of any trespassers, but if the players prove that they mean no harm, the Myconids will give the following information: 1- They know that a large blue frog is now leading the Bullywugs. 2- The location of the Bullywugs camp. 3- And the undead walk around area 7. The Myconids have 10 random potions, 3 scrolls ( with no spell higher than 3rd level), 4 miscellaneous magical items ( with nothing more than 7,000 gp in value) and 4 d 100 in all coins.
 If the players wander around this area unescorted, roll a 1d8 twice every 30 turns.
1- a patch of yellow mold
2- 2-8 Shriekers
3- 1-4 Shriekers and 1-4 Violet Fungi
4- 2-12 Myconids
5- 2-8 Obliviax ( memory moss)
6- 1-4 special animated zombies ( see Myconid )
7- 1 Phycomid
8- 1-3 Zygom

    Encounter Area 7
 Dead trees are numerous in this area. The swamp life even stay away from here for the undead roam freely here. This is the site of a ancient battle. Now only the undead inhabit the land. Zombie's, Skeletons and Ghouls are everywhere. A powerful Wight ( AC 3, Move 12", HD 6+3, HP 35, ATT 1, Dmg 1-4 or 1-8+2) rules the undead. He wears a +2 ring of protection and wields a +2 longsword " Hero Slayer". The sword has the following ability's: Int 13, Ego 12,special purpose is to slay good, alignment chaotic evil, primary powers are detect good in a 1" radius and detect magic in a 1" radius.
 A small wooden fort is the only structure with-in the dead forest. The fort holds the following undead: 20 skeletons archers, 10 zombies, 6 ghouls, a hill giant skeleton ( 5 HD) and the wight leader. The following treasure can be found here: a ring of shooting stars, a wand of steam and vapor, a folding boat, a chest holding 500 gp and a jeweled crown worth 1,000 gp.

   Encounter Area 8
 This area is the Bullywug camp.The camp rest's along a large lake with several small rowboats. Their are 12 grass huts with a large hut in the center. The Bullywugs numbers are at 75 ( 68 normal bullywugs, 5 large leaders, 1 tribal shaman and 1 great chief who is armed with a +2 light mace) and are armed with crude shields and shortswords. Their are 10 giant frogs keep here in a pen, to serve as mounts. If the players make a frontal assault, the Bullywugs will come out in force. They have little in treasure for they have given most to their new "God".
 Across the lake, the players can see a scrubland island on the horizon.

   Encounter Area 9
 This island is hilly with the ruins of a tower in the center. The tower has only 3 rooms on the first floor intact. The upper two floors are open to the sky and only the stone stairway leads up. Inside the tower lives the Bullywugs "God", a Blue Slaad ( AC 5, Move 7" HD 8+4, HP 40, ATT 5, Dmg 2-16/2-12/2-12/2-12/2-12 ). He was forced to flee from Limbo when he killed a higher ranked Slaad. He will fight to the death. With-in the tower, he has gathered the following items: a +3 Bracers of Defence, 24 +1 arrows, a pink Ioun Stone, a +2 quarter staff,  560 gp, 1,100 sp, 50 pp, 6 gems worth 100 gp each and a diamond neckless worth 1,000 gp.

                                                      Ending the adventure
If the players deal with the blue Slaad, the village of Bumbleville will be over joyed. A party will be held in their honor.
 If the Slaad is killed, the remaining Bullywugs will disperse and disappear deeper into the swamp. If the players fail in their mission, the blue Slaad vengeance will be swift. He will attack the village with-in days and burn it to the ground.

                                                    Bumbleville map