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FFG 6 Quick Adventure

                                             Three Ring Circus
                                      A adventure for characters of levels 4th-6th

 This adventure takes place in a large park, just outside of a city. The circus is in town and has set up their show in a large park. The PC's arrive in the city by whatever means is appropriate and the party is approached by the owner of the circus on the second morning. He is Ivan the Great, a elderly human in his 70's. He will tell the party that some one has let some of his main attractions lose. He will pay the party 500 gp if all of his "pets" are safely returned.

  DM Notes: His "pets" are and can be very dangerous. For he has lost a pair of Gorillas, a Owlbear, a Gelatinous Cube, a pair of Rust Monsters and a small Basilisk. Ivan will provide each party member with a +1 club( for subdueing) a blindfold ( for the Basilisk) and a jar of ointment and goggles ( for the Gelatinous Cube). The Group will be lent a wagon with 4 large cages (3 steel cages and a wooden cage) a large glass cage and a large tarp ( to cover up the Basilisk).He will give a vague description of his pets, but will not tell the party what they are. Ivan will accompany the players, but will not take any part in recapturing his pets.
 A discouraged juggler/jester set his pets free after being fired for stealing. He is now located in area 7.

Area 1: This large tent (100' x 40') is where the circus has set up. Several wagons, smaller tents, horses and circus workers are here. No one knows who or why someone has set his pets free, but it happened in the middle of the night.

Area 2: This swampy area in the park. Along the edge is the Gelatinous Cube. Ivan will tell the PC's that the players will have to get down to their under where. Then they will have to put the ointment    ( Ointment of Protection From Gelatinous Cubes) all over themselves. This will protect the players from the effects of the cube, but smells like a dirty sock. The goggles will protect their eyes. The one thing Ivan will not tell the PC's is that the ointment will not come off for a week. DM note: Battling the Gelatinous Cube could be very interesting. The cube will attempt to swallow the pc's but the ointment will protect them. If  their is a Paladin or some one with a high social rank, this could be very fun ( the holy order of the paladin or a wealthy hierarchy could be walking in the park and see him/her in their under where all oiled up). After the Gelatinous Cube is subdued, it can be placed in the large glass cage.

Area 3:  A large grove of apples, pears and plums trees are located here. Sitting in some of the highest apple trees are the 2 missing Gorilla's. The Gorilla's will not come out from the tree and will begin to pelt the party with rotten apples.

Area 4: When the party approaches this area, they will see two deer statues along the edge of the woods. Ivan will inform the party that this is the work of one of his pets. He will tell the party to make a large circle and put on your blindfolds. Ivan will attempt to guide the party from the trail, but his eye sight is not as good as it used to be.The players can start from any of the map locations 1-8. Each hex is 30 feet.
Mud: The player who walks into the mud must make a Dex check or fall flat on his or her rump and into the mud.
Water: Anyone who walks into the water will go up to their waste and must make a Dex check to avoid not going under. At the bottom of one of the water holes is a +2 Shortsword.
Briar Patch: This area is full of briars. Should be fun trying to get out blind folded.
Small Drop: The small hill is only 3 feet high or drop ( depends on which way the player approaches from), but when your blind folded, away you go!
Trees: You ever walk into a tree at night? Ouch goes the nose.
Basilisk: This creature has only 3 hit dice and will at first warm up to the first PC, but when he or she swings the +1 club, she'll run away to a new location on the map.

Area 5: The players will approach a water fountain and see 2 small children playing with the rust monsters
( they are friendly). But will get hungry if a PC approaches in that yummy armor!

Area 6: This thickly wooded pine grove is where the Owlbear is hiding. The Owlbear is still wearing it's pink vest and bells on its collar. It can be lured into its cage with some fresh meat.

Area 7: This area has two large gazebos where a bard is playing some music for a group of onlookers. The jester ( a 5th level thief) who set Ivan's pets free is here watching the show. He will flee if he see Ivan with the party.
                                                                Area 4 map
Overall Map
1 hex = 300 feet

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