Saturday, March 26, 2011

FFG 7 Quick Adventure

                                    Revenge is Bitter Sweet
                                      A adventure for characters of levels 7th-9th 

 This adventure is made for the bad guys! It will take place along a desert or a arid plane. A local evil baron will hire the party to take out some revenge against a Brass Dragon named "Tutiya". The baron was on the verge of wiping out a good aligned stronghold, when Tutiya came to the rescue. The dragon decimated the barons army. He will pay the group 2,000 gp and whatever treasure that might pillage from the dragon. He will provide a map to the location of the dragons hold. He knows that their are some good aligned guards their as well. The baron has hired a previous group to kill the dragon, but they failed in their attempt. He will not tell the PCs this.

 The dragons cave is located along a steep cliff side. The door to the cave system is a heavy iron door that is locked. The secret door is well hidden ( minus 1 to any detection rolls). The dungeon is well lit with brass braziers every 50 feet or so (each brazier is equal to a torch, unless otherwise noted). The cave systems floor is sand covered except for rooms 1-5. DM note: Their is allot of magical treasure in this adventure. You can take away any of the former adventuring groups treasure, cut some of the guards treasure down a bit as well.

                                           Tutiya's Cave

Room 1: This is a guard room. If the door is messed with ( e.i. pulling on the door, tinkering with the lock and so on), a voice will come from behind the door. The word of " Trumpet " can be heard. This is a pass word. The response is "Brass" as in Brass Trumpet. If the players don't respond in 6 or more rounds the guards will be ready for a fight. Inside the room are three 3rd level human fighters who where chainmail, carry a large wooden shield, and wield scimitars and a 5th level human cleric who where's a suit of +2 scalemail, carries a +1 small steel shield, and wields a +1 hammer. His spells are the following:
1st lvl- Bless, Cure Light Wounds and Remove Fear
2nd lvl- Hold Person, Silence 15' Radius and Dust Devil
3rd lvl- Dispel Magic
Treasure: each guard will have 50 gp, 100 sp and a red ruby pendent worth 250 gp each.

Room 2: This hallway has a simple trip wire that is attached to a bell. If the players trip the bell alarm, the guards from room 3 and the Jann from room 5 will exit from their rooms and attack the party.

Room 3: This room is the barracks for the guards. Inside are three 3rd level human fighters ( same as from room 1). Their are 3 bunk beds with a footlocker at the foot of each.
Treasure: each guard has 50 gp, 100 sp, and a red ruby pendent worth 250 gp each. Inside the room the players can find a +1 dagger, and 3 Potions of Extra-Healing.

Room 4: This is a storage room. Inside are enough food supplies for weeks ( dried meats, fruits, water, weak wine, ext.).

Room 5: This room is the home of the captain of the guards. He is a Jann ( Ac 0, Hit Dice 6+2, Hit Points 45, Attack 1, Dmg 2-8 + 5 ( +1 Large Scimitar and +4 from 18/81 strength). He wears a suit of +2 chainmail, wields a +1 Large Scimitar ( equal to a bastard sword), Ring of Free Action, and a Rope of Entanglement. The Jann is here because Tutiya saved his life years ago. He will fight to the death. Inside the room is a large bed with silk bed sheets ( worth 100 gp) and small painting ( worth 200 gp) a Everfull Mug, a Ring of Protection from Stone Guardians sits on a small desk. Inside the desk is a red ruby pendent worth 250 gp.

Room 6: This small 10x15 room has two Caryatid Columns ( 22 hit points each). Their commands are to attack anyone who is not wearing one of the red ruby pendents. The Caryatid Columns will attack until destroyed. Nothing of interest is here.

Room 7: When the PCs approach this room, they will see that the room is pitch black ( a Darkness 15' radius was cast). A 15 foot deep and 5x5 pit ( 2d6 damage) sits in front of the passage leading from room 6. If the players approach from room 11,they will see a 8' long board resting on the floor before the darkness ( the guards from room 13 used it to cross the pit). At the bottom is a thin layer of Sovereign Glue. If a player falls into the pit, he or she will be stuck to the bottom of the pit unless the players strips of their armor or clothing.

Room 8: The hallway ends in a small cave that is unlit. Inside are the remains of a dead thief. This is one of the first group of adventures the baron hired to kill the dragon.The thief's leather armor has been ripped to shreds. Her broken longsword rests next to her. Inside her backpack are 12 rusted iron spikes, a set of thief's tools, a Potion of Feather Falling, 35 pp and 78 gp.

Room 9: Inside this room are two Stone Guardians ( Hit Points 30 each). Each Stone Guardian has detect invisibility ability. They will attack until defeated. Their is nothing of value here.

Room 10: As the PCs approach they will see the sandy floor start to move. This is the home of a very large Sandling ( Hit Dice 6, Hit Points 35). The sandling will attack the party for it is very territorial.
Treasure: Underneath the sandling is the remains of a halfling mage from the first party that was hired by the baron. Their is a pair of Bracers of Defence AC 5, a +2 dagger, Longtooth, a fine wool cloak ( a 500 gp gem hidden with-in) a bottle of fine brandy worth 100 gp, 57 gp, 240 sp and 130 cp. His spell book is nowhere to be found.

Room 11: This main junction of the cave system is well lit. Their are 4 brass braziers in the room. If the players enter the room without wearing the red ruby pendents, each player  must make a save vs. spell. The brass braziers will shoot flames from them and fill the room. The damage is 4d6 and the trap will reset every other round. The braziers can be destroyed.

Room 12: This cave complex area is unstable.  For every round the players linger around this room, their is a 5% chance that the room caves in. Anyone who is caught in the cave-in will take 5d6 damage and has a chance of being suffocated to death.

Room13: Two guards will be wondering here ( with the same equipment and treasure from room 1). Each will fight to the death.

Room 14: A large cone shaped hole is in the center of the room. Around the edge of the hole are a few gold pieces. This is the home of a Ant Lion ( Hit Points 40). It will attack until reduced below 10 hit points, then it will flee underground.
Treasure: The gold around the edge is the remains of a fighter from the first group of adventures. If the players deal with the Ant Lion and do some digging they will find the following items: a suit of splintmail, a + 1 Footman's Pick, a jeweled encrusted dagger ( worth 100gp), a Potion of Healing, and 120 gp.

Room 15: This room appears empty. A pressure plate is set up underneath the sand. It stretches across the room from north to south. If stepped on, a bell will ring in room 18 and will alert Tutiya.

Room 16: Lying under the sand in this room are two Caryatid Columns ( 22 hit points each) will surprise the party. They too will not attack any PC who is wearing one of the red ruby pendents.

Room 17: The floor to this room is trapped. A large sinkhole will suck down any player who walks into the room. The player who falls into the sinkhole will go under in 4 rounds. If tossed a rope, a combined strength  of 40 is needed to pull out a player. The guards know to stay away from this room.

Room 18: This large cave is the home of the Brass Dragon named Tutiya ( age-Old, Hit Dice 8, Hit Points 59, he can speak and employ magic). If the alarm is rung from room 15, he'll be waiting for the PCs. Sitting on top of a large pile of treasure. He will at first ask the players to surrender or die. His spells are the following:
1st lvl- Magic Missile, Protection from Evil and Sleep
2nd lvl- Darkness 15' Radius, Mirror Image and Web.
 The cave has a hole in the ceiling that is covered up with a illusion. It is how Tutiya comes and goes. The shaft is 20x20 and is over 100 feet tall. If things go bad (if dropped below 15 hit points), he will attempt to flee out of the cave though the hole in the ceiling.
Treasure: The pile of treasure is of mostly coins: 13,604 cp, 8, 900 sp, 4,109 gp, 245 ep and 40 gems worth from 5 gp-100gp each.

Room 19: Treasure room. This is where Tutiya keeps his prized items. They are the following items: a Ring of Warmth, a Wand of Steam & Vapor, a Carpet of Flying, a + 1 Suit of Studded Leather Armor, a +3 Spear, a small chest with a golden crown and scepter worth 1,200 gp, 10 different painting worth from 50 gp to 1,000 gp and a large book case with 40 different tomes and books ( a Manual of Gainful Exercise is among these books) worth 1,000 gp.

Ending the Adventure: If the players succeed in killing Tutiya, the baron will pay the players what he promised them. If Tutiya survives, he will be forever looking for the party members.

                                                      1 square = 5 feet


  1. Nice adventure, do you use random encounter?

  2. 1st- Thank you.
    2nd- No, I just flip around in my 1st edtion core books and go to town.