Thursday, March 17, 2011

World War II Games

Just thought I would share some of my favorite WW2 games and some links to learn how to play.

1st.- Advanced Squad Leader. ASL is a strategy game that deals on the squad level. A great link to learn how to play is a You Tube page called  "wargamecop's". He has Lot's of video's on how to play. ASL is now being produced by . The difficulty is high, but the rules are very well organized. Some battles can last for hours, so be warned.

2nd.- Memoir '44. A great new game that is quite easy to learn and easy to play. The web page is . On their web site, they have a quick video that is put together well and explains how the game works.


3rd.- Of course Axis & Allies. I think everyone knows this one :-) !

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  1. My first "wargame" was Squad Leader. I still have SL in my basement, though I have not played it in decades.