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FFG 5 Quick Adventure

                                     The Battle to Protect
                                    A Adventure for Characters of levels 6th-8th

 This quick adventure is based on the players entering a village that is currently under attack. The humanoid army is lead by a pair of Hill Giants. The players will enter from the top of the map along the road. They will notice smoke and fires from  burning home's and store's.

Area 1: This farm is currently on fire. The home and the two barns engulfed in flames. The humans that lived here have been killed and looted. Standing around watching the blaze is a small band of humanoids ( 10 Hobgoblins, 4 Bugbears and a Orge). A large rowboat is docked at a pier. The boat can hold up to 6 players safely. Treasure: 250 gp, 340 sp and a +2 Small Wooden Shield.

Area 2: This is the main part of the village. Some 20 buildings are located here. Most of the villagers have fled when the humanoid army approached. Currently their are 20 Hobgoblins, 7 Orcs and 10 Bugbears raiding the village. Treasure: 350 gp, 50pp, and a +1 Spear.

Area 3: This wooded area is where most of the villagers have fled too. Hiding in the most dense part of the forest are 40 villagers ( 0 level humans) and 3 village guards ( 1st level fighters, who wear chainmail, shield and carry longswords). The villagers will not fight and the guards will fight with the players if the villagers are safely escorted to a safe palce.

Area 4:  This long bridge ( over 200 yards long) is guarded by a group of Hobgoblins (19 Hobgoblins wielding longbows and longswords) and a Evil Wizard ( 7th level Human Wizard, +3 Staff, Wand of Fireballs and a Potion of Flying). If the fight goes bad, the wizard will use the Potion of Flying to escape. Treasure: 200 gp, 300 sp and 3 gems worth 100 gp each.

Area 5: This is one area where the village guards have beat back some of the humanoids. Their are 5 farms located here. Their are 12 town guards here ( 11, 1st level fighters and a 3rd level Sergent) and 20 villagers.
Six of the guards are wounded and need healing. Around 10 hobgoblins and 10 bugbears are dead. The guards will help the party if the villagers are safely escape. Treasure: none

Area 6: This is the fishing side of the village. Around 20 buildings are located here. They range from homes to large warehouses. Eight large docks sit along this side of the lake. Most of the villagers from this area has been killed. Several of the village's guards has also been killed here.Their are only 6 Hobgoblins, 13 Orcs and 1 Orge looting this area. Treasure: 150 gp, 800 cp, and a Bag of Holding.

Area 7: Large farm. This large farm is the home of a retired druid (9th level half-elf druid, she where's a +4 suit of Leather Armor, and wields a +3 Quarter Staff). When the players arrive they will see her battling 4 Bugbears, 10 Orc's and a Hill Giant. The druid has a large tiger as a pet. Treasure: The hill giant carries 550 gp, 2,000sp and a +1 Great Club.

Area 8: This small fishing house is where the local hermit lives. A group of villagers are hiding out here ( 0- level, 9 in all). All will flee at the first sign of trouble. Treasure: none

Area 9: This uphill area is lightly wooded. A group of tents are set up here. This is the camp of the humanoid army. Inside their camp are only a group of 15 Bugbears. Treasure: 1,300 gp and 12 + 2 arrows.

Area 10: As the players approach, a siege is taking place. The players will see a large group of humanoids entering the tower. Outside the tower is a very large Hill Giant ( +2 HD). He is the leader of this army. Treasure: Portable Hole, 1,900 gp, 350 sp, 7 gems worth 250 gp each, a + 2 Dagger of Vemon and a + 3 suit of Studded Leather Armor.

1 Hex = 100 yards            
                                            The Tower
                              The tower is made of stone and is three stories tall.
                                                                Level 1
 Room 1: This is the entry hall. The door has been smashed in. Four dead guards and eight dead orcs are on the floor.

 Room 2: This room is the greeting room. It has been ransacked and rummaged though. Their is nothing of value or interest here.
 Room 3: This large room is the dinning hall. A large table sits in the center and 16 chairs round the table. A stone staircase lead up. Two dead  Bugbear are lying at the bottom of the staircase.
 Room 4: This room is the towers kitchen. Inside are 3 Bugbears and 2 Hobgoblins eating. The door to room 5 is barred from the inside.
 Room 5: This storage room is filled with food, wine casks and barrels of ales. Inside are the towers cooks and maid's ( five 0-level humans). They have stacked creates and have barred the door. They will not fight and will flee at the first opportunity.
 Room 6: This room is the bedroom of the captain of the guard. The room has been ransacked and their is nothing of value here.
 Room 7: This room is a library. Books are thrown all over the floor and book cases toppled over. Treasure: 4 arcane scrolls ( roll at random) and a Rod of Wonder.

                                                               Level 2
 Room 1: At the top of the staircase is a dead guard holding a +1 longbow.
 Room 2: This large room is the towers barracks. Their are 10 bunk beds and a small table. Hiding under one of the beds is a Halfling ( 2nd level thief, he wears +1 leather armor, and a shortsword). He is a friend of the lord. The players can hear a battle raging in Room 3.
 Room 3: At the bottom of the stairs are 5 Bugbears shooting heavy crossbows up the stairs. They are battling the remaining guards from upstairs. The battle is being fought on the staircase and in Room 1 on level 3.
 Room 5: This room is a lords study. A large statue of a minor god. Inside are 3 Hobgoblins and 1 Orge.
Treasure: 2 paintings worth 500 gp each, a large silver urn worth 100 gp and a pair of + 1 swords crossed hanging on the wall. The door to Room 6 is wizard locked.
 Room 6: This room is is the towers treasure room. Treasure: 2 large chests with 500 gp and 500 sp in each, a suit of +1 scalemail armor, a set of gold and silver dishes worth 1,000 gp and 4 potions of extra-healing.
                                                                Level 3
 Room 1: This room is in the middle of a fierce battle. Six tower guards ( 1st level fighters), the Captain of the Guard ( 6th level fighter/2nd level cleric) and the Lord of the Tower ( 7th level fighter) are fighting 7 Bugbears, 8 Hobgoblins and a Orge Mage.
 Room 2: This room is the towers temple. It has a altar to the same minor god statue from Room 5 on level 2. Treasure: Their are 3 large tapestries worth 250 gp each.
 Room 3: This room is a sitting room. Two guards ( 1st level fighters) are here protecting the door to room 4. Treasure:  a hidden compartment holds a Bag of Holding with 300 gp and 25 gems worth 25 gp each.
 Room 4: This is the lords bedroom. Inside are the Lords wife ( 0-level human) and his two children ( both are 0-level). Treasure: a gold crown worth 200 gp, silk bed sheets worth 100 gp, a small paintin g worth 500 gp, a silver mirror worth 100 gp and a teek wood desk with gold inlays worth 2,000 gp.
 Room 5: The door to this room is wizard locked. This is the room to the towers wizard. He is currently away from the village. Treasure: 1 arcane scroll with  four 3rd level spells, a Serpent Staff, and a +1 dagger +3 vs. demons.

  If the players save the village and the Lord of the Tower, they will be very grateful.  The Lord will grant the players some near-by land with a old castle. The castle is in ruins and needs to be cleaned out ( further adventures for the party).

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