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FFG 8 Quick Adventure

                                                      Cat & Mouse
                      A Top Secret Adventure for Beginning Level Agents

 This adventure is for beginning level agents. It will be using 1st edition Top Secret rule system. The adventure will be taking place in the town of Portbou in Spain ( pop. 1,300). The city sits along the French/Spain broader of the Mediterranean coast. The town has a large Break-of-Gauge train station, a boat mariana and several hotels.  The agents mission is a surveillance job, to tail a Greek tourist Stefan Gretton and log his activity's.
 Stefan Gretton is actually Alger Hiss, a AVB agent ( Hungarian Intelligence Service). His mission in Portbou  is to research on the times and scheduling of the Spanish Military trains.

Agent: Alger Hiss   Code: AVB agent 4ts  Sex: Male    Handed: Right

PS  CH  W  CO  K  CD  OF  DP  EV   DA  MV   LL   HTH    SV
58   40   62   84  38  91   88   62   66    65   211  12   124   128

Languages: HU 90  GK 70
HT: 5'10"  Age: 36  Country: Hungarian   Glasses: No

 Alger carries the following items: a fake Greek Passport, $1,000 in Spanish Counterfeit Money, 35mm Camera with 12 rolls of film, Stiletto and a .22 pocket self-load Beretta (d) with 2 full clips.

  The players will be given several photo's of Stefan Gretton and  $2,500 in cash to equip themselves for the mission. Only pistols that can be hidden can be used, do to local gun laws. They will have reservations at same Hotel Costa Blava  for the next two week's.The PC's will arrive one day after Alger's checks in at the hotel.

                                        Hotel Costa Blava
  The Hotel Costa Blava is a two story building that sits along the Mediterranean in the town. The building has 32 rooms for rent, a large ball room, restaurant, and a bar/night club. The hotel staffs around 15 employees at any given time of day (cooks, maids, bartender,  etc.). The hotel has two security guards (one in the daytime and the other at night).
 When the players arrive at the hotel, 16 of the rooms are currently being rented. The players rooms will not be next to Alger Hiss for the two rooms adjacent to his are occupied by other tourist's. The rooms are basic hotel rooms with a double bed, bathroom, a small table with two chairs and a television. Room service starts their cleaning at around 10am.

 Alger Hiss's room is located on the second floor and is room number 28. In his hotel room he has the normal items a tourist would have for a two week vacation ( clothing, suntan lotion, etc). Inside a secret pocket in his suitcase is a note with the following numbers on it: 3/1500, 6/900, 10/1330 and 14/1645. This is a coded time for his dead drop's* of the information he has gathered. The first number is the day ( 3/ ) and the second is military time ( / 1500 ). 3/1500 is day 3 at 3pm. 6/900 is day 6 at 9am. 10/1330 is day 10 at 1:30pm and the last is day 14 at 4:45pm. Their are several magazines on modern trains, model trains and local train ticket (set for two weeks from now).
 His dead drop location is at the public bathrooms in the park. Inside the bathroom their are 4 stalls. Alger will only use the last stall (no.4). One of the tiles on the back wall is lose and form a small secret compartment. Each day that their is a dead drop, a different man will enter the restroom and pick up the information Alder Hiss left behind.
 * Dead Drop- A dead drop is a prearranged hidden location for depositing and picking up messages and money in a clandestine manner, without the parties involved.

                                                    Alder Hiss Schedule
  Here is a list his daily activities:
  Day 1: Alger Hiss arrives at the Hotel Costa Blava at 3:00pm. He spends the rest of the night in his room.
  Day 2: Alger Hiss leaves the Hotel at 10:00am and surveys the town until 4:30pm. The players will arrive  at the hotel at 11:30am. Alger Hiss will spend one hour at the hotels restaurant and retire to his room for the night.
  Day 3: Alger Hiss will leave at 8:00am to take pictures of the town. He will spend two hours hanging in and around the train station. At 3:00pm he will make his first dead drop at the parks restroom. He will leave a roll of film with pictures of several trains. At 4:00pm Alger will spend around one hour in the hotels bar having a few drinks and retire to his room for the night.
  Day 4: At 9:00am Alger will eat breakfast at the hotels restaurant. Alger will leave at 10:00am and take a local charter boat to see the sites. This boat trip will take three hours. At around 1:00pm, he will wander around town indiscriminately to see if he is being followed. At 5:00pm he will take in a movie. After the movie, he'll head back to his room for the night.
  Day 5: Heavy rain day. Alger will spend most of the day in his room. At 8:30pm, he will leave the hotel and head down to a local bar. He will drink alone until 11:30pm and head back to the hotel for the night.
  Day 6: Alger will leave his room at 6:00am and do some jogging around the train station. Again he will use the park's restroom at 9:00am and leave his dead drop. He will leave a roll of film of some military trains that passed though town. At 3:00pm he will do some sunbathing on the beach. Alger will retire to his room after 5:45pm.
  Day 7: Alger will have breakfast delivered to his room. Alger leaves at 10:30am to wonder around town again to see if he is being tailed. At 1:30pm, Alger will buy a newspaper and sit at the train station. At 2:15pm a Spanish Military train will arrive. He will secretly take pictures of the train and number of soldiers. After the train leaves, he will proceed back to his room for the day.
 Day 8: Alger will leave the hotel at 10:45am and meet with another AVB agent at a bistro for lunch. Not much will be discussed about Alger's mission, except for "How are things going?" Alger will reply everything is going well. After lunch, Alger will walk with the other AVB agent to the train station. He will leave on a train heading to France. Alger will head back to the hotel for the day.
 Day 9: Alger will leave the hotel at 10:00am for a hike in the hills surrounding the train station. He will set up and take pictures of several trains though out the day. At 12:45pm a Spanish Military train will stop at the station. At 1:00pm the train will leave and Alger will head back to the hotel. At 9:00pm, he will head down to the hotels bar for a few drinks. At 1:15am he will retire for the night.
 Day 10: Alger will stay in his room and order in breakfast. At 1:15pm he will take a walk in the park and use the restroom. He will leave the film from the day before in the dead drop location. At 8:00pm, Alger will take in a local play. At 10:30 he will leave the play and head back to the hotel for the night.
Day 11: At 7:00am, Alger will head down to the docks and board a charter service. He will be fishing until 4:00pm. He will head back to the hotel. At 5:00pm, he will take a walk around town to see if he is being followed. Then he will return to his room for the night.
Day 12: At 8:45am, Alger will have breakfast in the hotels restaurant. A man will approach him and slip him a note. The man is another AVB agent. The note reads that they have received intell that their might be western agents in town. Alger will become wary of any one who might be following him. If the players have had contact with him several times, he will suspect that they are other agents. At 9:30am, Alger will sit in the park and read a book for most of the day. He is looking if anyone who might be watching him.
Day 13: Alger will get a phone call at 9:30am that the agency thinks the mission has been compromised. He will pack up his items and head for the train station. He will buy a ticket for Paris France. He will  not return.

 If any time Alger thinks he is being tailed, he will change up his normal routine. He will not confront the players, but will pull the plug on his mission if he feels threatened.

                                        Random Events
                   Roll on the random encounter chart once in the daytime and twice at night.
01-05  A pair of street thugs attempt to rob the agents. One is armed with a switchblade(gg) and the other is armed with a .22 small frame, swing-out revolver ( b, 6 rounds of ammo).
06-10  A local undercover police officer will stop the agents and ask some basic questions about themselves.
11-15  Six drunken Spanish Sailors will offer to buy the agents drinks.
16-20  A call girl will approach the agents and flirt with them.
21-25  A drunken former KBG agent will approach one of the agent and call him or her out!
26-30  A scientist will approach the agents and offer them a vial of liquid. And then he will leave. The vial contains nothing but normal soda pop.
31-35  A black car will speed up and stop in front of the agents. Three men in black suits will get out and grab a women and toss her in the car. The men are from a local mob. The women is the mob bosses daughter who ran away.
36-40  The agents find a roll of Spanish currency. Total cash found: $375
41-45  The agents start being tailed themselves. A URA agent ( United Red Army-Japan) will tail them for two days.
46-50  Some local bullies are chasing after a small boy. The boy will hide behind the agents crying and screaming for help!
51-55  A rogue agent will approach the agents and threaten to blow their cover if they don't pay him $1,000 in cash.
56-60  The players will find a 9mm Uzi (t) with a full clip, lying in some bushes.
61-65  A local thief will attempt to pick the pocket of a agent.
66-70  One of the agents room is ransacked when they are away. Any money or weapons will be gone.
71-75  The agents find a dead Spanish Police Officer. His side arm is missing. He has been stabbed to death.
76-80  The agents are stopped by the Spanish Secret Police and asked numerous questions about their suspicious activity's.
81-85  The agents will find a roll of blueprints. They are of some type of experimental aircraft.
86-90  The agents will find various listening devices in their rooms.
91-95  A gun fight breaks out between the police and a local gang.
96-00  A KGB assassin has been sent to kill the agents!

 The players will succeed in their mission if the uncover Alger Hiss's mission or find his dead drop. If their cover is blown the agents will fail in their mission.

 If you need any maps, please go to for real life maps of Portbou Spain.

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