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FFG 9 Quick Adventure

   Sorry about not posting anything as of late. My job has been in overdrive. I had 2 days off  for the mo. of June. And I have been working on a BIG side project where a gray clearance card is needed ( any of you old gamers might know that one). Hope you enjoy the adventure.         

                 Who Wants Mushroom's on their Salad?
                                  A adventure for characters of levels 3rd-5th

 This adventure can take place in any location. The players could inherit the small keep, hired by a local baron to clean it out or just trying to find shelter from a storm. The Keep is surrounded by mushroom's ranging in all sizes ( from 2 inches to 4 feet tall).  When the party approaches the Keep they will see that the two main doors are missing and their are several holes in the walls. A small tower seems to be undamaged.
 The Keep is infested with mushroom's and dangerous plants. All hallways and rooms will have some type of fungus in it. A evil Myconid has taken up residents with-in the Keep. It and a few other Myconid's was banished from their circle for act's of evil.The interior has a illuminating fungus that covers most of the Keeps interior ( except for noted area's). Vision with out a light source will be 15'.
DM Note: The Monster Manual 2 and the Fiend Folio is needed for some of the monsters in this adventure.

                                                         Main Floor
 Room 1: This is the main entrance to the keep. Both doors have been ripped off their hinges long ago and now are a pile of timber at the entrance. The room itself has a row of columns  that end at a large statue of some god. But now the room is covered by fungus and small mushrooms. The floor to this room is covered with mushrooms of all different colors and sizes. A small path leads from the entrance to room 10. If the players search the room they will find 2-20 death cap mushrooms.
Room 2: The room has a sweet syrup like odor and their are is a black fly infestation with-in the room.
Two Giant Sundew's  ( AC 7, Mv 1", Hit Dice 8, Hit Points 30, 27, Attacks special, Dmg 1-3 ) inhabit this room. Each Sundew can attack each player with up to 6 tendrils. These tendrils end in a sticky glob of sap. For every 3 tendrils that strike a victim, that victim will suffer a -1 on it's subsequent to-hit rolls. This effect is cumulative. The sap is composed  of a mild enzyme acid that will cause 1 point of damage per round for each tendril attached to the player until it is removed. The sap will become harmless if soaked with vinegar or alcohol. Each will attack until killed. If the players search the room they will find a body of a passing hobgoblin that was killed by the Sundew's. It has a Potion of Extra-Healing, a silver dagger and 30gp
Room 3: The wooden door to this room has swollen shut. A Open Door check will force the door open. The room is very damp and stinks of rotten vegetables. Three large piles of mushrooms sit in the far corner of the room. The mushroom's are 3 Phycomids  ( AC 5, Mv 3", Hit Dice 4, Hit Points 20 each, Attacks 2, Dmg 3-6/3-6 , Special Attacks: infection). Each Phycomids will attack until destroyed. Their is nothing of value in the room.
Room 4: The door to this room is locked. The room is dark and dusty. This room has no illuminating fungus and has no mushroom's or flora inside. When a light source is brought into the room, 3 bunk beds and 3 footlockers can be seen. This was one of the Keeps barracks. One of the footlockers is trapped. If opened a poison gas will fill the room ( save vs. poison or be sickened for 2-4 turns, -2 to all attacks and saves). The room contains the following items: a +1 Light Mace, a Bracers of Defence Ac 5, 7 +1 Arrows, 159sp, 44gp and a silver neck less worth 100gp.
Room 5: This area of the Keeps wall has been smashed down in two area's. Large mushroom's inhabit this room making travel difficult. The door to room 6 (which swings outwards)can be seen. A short but rather thick mushroom sits in front of it. The door will only open 1 foot and only a small player can fit though it.The mushroom will have to be chopped down for larger players to get by. It will take a players 1 turn with a axe to chop his or her way though.
Room 6: When the door is opened, the players will see 3 small plant like creatures with a red tinge to them. These creatures are Jalapeno Vegepygmy's ( AC 4, Mv 12", Hit Dice 2, Hit Points 12 each, Attacks 1, Dmg 1-6 or by breath weapon, see new creature for more info). The Vegepygmy's will attack first using their breath weapon and then wade into battle. If two of them are killed, the last one will attempt to flee down the stairs. Each carry a crude hand axe. The door to room 7 has a large padlock on it.
Room 7: The door has a finely crafted lock ( - 5% to pick. The keys to open the doors are located in Room 3 on the dungeon map) keeping the door shut tight. When the door is opened a large fireplace still burns. A large create and a wooden barrel rests in the along the wall. Inside the fireplace is a small Fire Elemental ( AC 2, MVDmg 2-16). The Fire Elemental was magically held in the fireplace by the baron. But after the years the magic has worn off, but the Fire Elemental has not left. Inside the crate are the remains of long gone bad rations. The wooden barrel has some very fine brandy left inside ( 5 gallons worth 150gp).
Room 8: This large room was the Keeps great dinning hall. A long 10' table rests in the center of the room with 7 chairs around it. A dormant fireplace sits along the back wall with two rotting tapestries hanging next to it. Black moss covers the tapestries. The moss are 2 Obliviax, memory moss  ( AC 10, Mv nil, Hit Dice 1-2 hit points, Attack special, Damage Nil). The moss will attack until destroyed.  Hidden inside one of the legs of a chair is a +1 Ring of Protection.
Room 9: The door to this room is slightly open. Inside the room are 2  Jalapeno Vegepygmy's ( same stats from Room 6). Each Vegepygmy will attack using their breath weapon and attempt to flee to room 6. The room has nothing of value.
Room 10: This room has a large hole in the wall. The room has 4 large ferns growing inside. Underneath the ferns are 7 Giant Frogs ( AC 7, Mv 3"/9", Hit Dice 1 each, Hit Points 7 each, Attack 1, Dmg 1-3/1-3/1-6) make their home. The Vegepygmy's are training these frogs as mounts. The frogs will not attack unless attacked. Nothing of value can be found.
Room 11: The doors to this room are very cold. Inside the room is a large patch of Brown Mold.
When any player enters the room the patch grow in size. Inside the room is a large crate with a pair of Boots of Dancing and a +1 Small Wooden Shield.
Room 12: This room was the kitchen at one time. A large steal table and a small fireplace are the only items of interest in the room. A Huge Spider ( AC 6, Mv 18", Hit Dice 2+2, Hit Points 17, Attack 1, Dmg 1-6) makes the fireplace it's home.The spider will attack the first player who enters the room and attempt to drag him or her into the fireplace. If reduced to less than 5 hit points, the spider will flee up and out of chimney. Resting at the bottom of the fireplace are bones and bits and pieces of it victims. Underneath the rubbish the players can find a gem worth 500gp, and a ivory flute worth 250gp.
Room 13: The door to this room is open and is covered in slimy black mushrooms. If any one touches these mushrooms with a glove on or bare skin, the player will have top make a save vs. poison or become sick for 2-12 days. The player gain a high fever, will move at half, all saves will be lowered by 2, and will have his or her vision reduced to 20 feet.
Room 14: Both doors to the tower are locked ( a -10% due to the complexity of the locks. The keys to open the doors are located in Room 3 on the dungeon map).
 When opened, a rush of moldy old books can be smelled and is dark. Inside is a large book shelve is toppled over in the center of room. Broken chairs and tables litter the floor. A iron spiral staircase leads up to the next level. If the players search the pile of books they will find the following items: a tome called " Barks of the World and their Medicinal Properties" worth 200gp, a thin leather bond book " Common Mushrooms" worth 50gp, and a magic-user scroll with Burning Hands, Web and Gust of Wind.

                                                            Upper Level 2

 The upper levels of the tower have not been taken over by the mushrooms. A thick layer of dust covers the upper levels of the tower. The tower has no windows or arrow slits.

Room 1: When the players enter this small 10'x10' room the sweet smell of perfume. A small table sits along a door to the south. On top of the table is a large crystal bottle with gold and silver inlays. A silver topper still corks this fine piece. If the bottle is opened a plum of sweet smelling smoke will fill the room in 1 round. The players must make a save vs. poison or be under the effect of a very powerful sleep spell. If a players fails his or her save, they will be out for 2-8 turns. The bottle has only one use. It is worth 300gp.
Room 2: Inside this room is a long rug (6 x 9) that goes from one door to the next. A small crate and a barrel stands next to a small pile of clothing. The rug is a small Trapper Rug ( AC 3, Mv 3", Hit Dice 6, Hit Points 31, Attack 2+, Dmg special, same as a normal Trapper, but appears as a rug).
 The crate and barrel have nothing of value, but the pile of clothing is a set of fine silk robes worth 100gp.
Room 3: This small 10' x 10' room has only a small stone altar with two gold candle holders resting on it. This is a small shrine to a long forgotten god. The candle holders are cursed. If anyone would take the holders out of the Keep, that player will start to change slowly to the opposite sex. This will take place over 2 weeks. A remove curse will remove the effects. The candle holders are worth 250gp each.

                                                            Upper Level 3

Room 4: The spiral staircase continues up to a metal hatch. A rusted bar hold the hatch tightly shut, otherwise the room is bare. A strength check must be made in order to move the bar so can be opened.
Room 5: This must have been a wizards study at some time. A large oak desk rests against the wall with a leather chair in front of it. On the desk are beakers, flasks, scrolls of parchment and so on.  A large wooden box sits next to the desk.
 The box is magical sealed and if opened a Wight ( AC 5, Mv 12", Hit Dice 4+4, Hit Points 21, Attack 1, Dmg 1-4) will be teleported into the room.
 On the table are the following items: 2 Potions of Extra-Healing, a pack of Dust of Disappearance, a scroll with Protection from Traps and a Pearl of Power-second level spell.
Room 6: A large bed is the only item in the room. A red silk sheet covers the bed. The sheet is a Sheet Phantom ( AC 3, Mv 6", Hit Dice 3, Hit Points 14, Attack 1, Dmg 1-4) will wait until a player sits on the bed, and then it will attack. Their is nothing of value in the room.

                                                     Roof Top
 If the players come up though the tower or scale the side the top of the tower is covered with light green climbing vine. A Yellow Musk Creeper ( AC 7, Mv nil, Hit Dice 3,Hit Points 13, Attacks 2-12, Dmg Special) has made it's  home here.

                                                       Dungeon Level

Room 1: At the bottom of the stair well are 4  Jalapeno Vegepygmy's ( same as room 6) will be here. If one of the Vegepyygmy's escaped from room 6, they will be waiting for the party. If a battle breaks out and lasts for more than 4 rounds, the Shambling Mound from room 4 will enter the room and attack. The crates and barrel have nothing of value in them.
Room 2: When the door to this room is opened, a bright light fills the room. With-in the room are 6 medium green pods attached to a large rust colored plant. This plant is where the Jalapeno Vegepygmy's grow from. The evil Myconid has crossed bred a jalapeno plant and russet mold. A body must be placed into one of the pods to make a Vegepygmy. This process takes 1 to 2 days.
 The light source is a Light spell cast on a lantern. The players will have 1 round before a Jalapeno Vegepygmy will emerge from one of the pods. It will attack the following round. The plant has a armor class of 10 and 40 hit points. It has no attacks or defence.
Room 3: This room is the Keeps jail cells. Now the Myconid uses it to hold prisoners. Hanging on the wall is a set of keys ( the keys will open all of the jail cells as well as the locks in Room 7 and 14).
3A: A local halfing ( 3rd level thief ) was caught just two days ago. He will beg for his freedom. If let out of his cell he will escape at the first chance he gets.
3B: A insane Gnoll is in the cell. He will attack if freed.
3C: The door to this cell is open. Inside the cell are 4 dead human body's. They were local farmers killed by the Jalapeno Vegepygmy's for the Myconid to turn them into animated corpse's.
Room 4: The room is a completely filled with mushrooms and garbage. Inside the room is  Shambling Mound ( AC 0, Mv 6", Hit Dice 8, Hit Points 40, Attacks 2, Dmg 2-16/2-16)  two Violet Fungi (AC 7, Mv 1", Hit Dice 3, Hit Points 13 and 11, Attack 1, Dmg 1-4) and three Shriekers ( AC 7, Mv 1", Hit Dice 3, Hit Points 14,12 and 10, Attack nil, Dmg nil). If a battle lasting more than 4 rounds in Room 1 the Shambling Mound  will have left the room. If the Shriekers give off their wail, it will alert the Myconid to intruders.
 The secret room to the south has not been found by any of the Keeps inhabitant's. If the players search though the garbage for more than 2 turns, they will find a +2 Dagger, Longtooth.
Room 5: This is the Keeps treasure room. When the Keep was under siege, the owner grabbed what he could and left what he couldn't carry. Inside the room is a small table and two small chests.
 The table has the following items: a small leather bag with 20 gems worth 10gp each, a pile of gold coins ( 56 in all), a small painting in a silver frame worth 100gp and a detailed handcrafted gold and silver inlay lantern worth 300gp. The two chests combined hold the following items: a suit of Gnome sized splintmail, 24 +1 Arrows, a +1 Hand axe, 700cp, 478sp, 150gp, and 40pp.
Room6: A small trickle of water runs down into this room. Standing around a small pool of water are 5 humanoids. Three of these are Animated Corpse's ( AC 10, Mv9", Hit Dice 1, Hit Points 4 each, Attack 2, Dmg 1-3/1-3) and two Myconid's ( AC 10, Mv 9", Hit Dice 4, Hit Points 20 and 18, Attack 1,Dmg 4-16). Their is nothing of value in the room.
Room 7: As the players approach the room, a bright light can be seen coming from it. When the players enter the room they will see a large black fungus standing around 12 feet tall.  It turns and attacks! The Myconid leader ( AC 8, Mv 9", Hit Dice 6, Hit Points 41, Attack 1 punch or 1 whip, Dmg 6-24 or 1-8+2 ). He will attack using his spore attacks first then wade into melee. He carries a +2 Vengfull Vine Whip ( see new magic items for more info), 3 Potions of Healing in orc skulls and a wears a +2 Ring of Protection. He will attack untill killed. A light spell cast at the top of the room is the light source. If a battle breaks out the Myconid's from room 8 will come to their leaders aid.
Room 8: Inside this small room are three Myconid's ( AC 10, Mv 9" Hit Dice 2 each, Hit Points 12 each, Attack 1, Dmg 2-8). All will attack until destroyed. Their is nothing of value in the room.


New Monster : Jalapeno Vegepygmy. Same stats as a nromal 2 Hit Dice vegepygmy, but each will have a pepper spray breath weapon. The range is 10' and the oppent must make a save vs. breath weapon or be blinded for 2-8 rounds. They can produce this twice per day.

New Magic Item: +2 Vengfull Vine Whip. This thorn riddled vine is around 7 feet long. When a hit is scored, the vine will drain 1-4 points of blood from it's target. Four every 8 points of blood drained from a target, it will give the weilder 1-4 temperary hit points. These hit points will last for 2-8 hours.



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