Sunday, January 16, 2011

Race level limits

 Last week I started my 1st edition camp. One of my few house rules is that a demi-human has no level cap.
The half-orc can only progress to a 4th level cleric and so on and so on. I have by-passed this because I don't want my players to shun playing a demi-human.
 Do any of you do this? Or other house rules you use?


  1. If I were to make a change such as that (which I think is reasonable), I would also give humans some sort of a buff. The demi-humans are stronger out of the gate, hence the level limit. You could either take away their infravision and all those other little gadgets they get, or what I like to do is give a player that chooses a human a +2 they can add to any ability score, or maybe a buff to skills if you use skills in your game, something like that.

  2. If you're gonna play a half-orc, and are worried about level limits, play an assassin, a fighter, or better yet a fighter/assassin. Other races multiclass in thief. (We always started at first level and played weekly at the most so level limits were always mostly theoretical anyway). I think there is a lot to be said for human-dominated worlds.
    But if you want to drop level limits for nonhumans, I'd strongly recommend allowing humans to multiclass too so that humans keep their edge.