Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekly Cursed Item

Deck of Not So Many Things

This deck looks and feels just like a
deck of many things. But that is where
it ends. The deck contains 13 plaques.
Sun - gain a +1 arrow and 50
experience points
Moon - you are granted 1-4 unseen
servants for 1 week.
Star - immediately gain two-tenths on
your major ability.
Throne - granted a fancy wig with a
bottle of sweet perfume and a deed to a
Key - gain a map to a door,
somewhere? And a loadstone
Knight - gain the service of a
gravedigger for 1 day.
The Void - body functions but when
you come across a void of any size, the
player will run in fear for 1 turn.
Flames - enmity between you and a
Skull - defeat a skeleton or be forever
Ruin - lose one tenth of your wealth
and one tenth of any land.
Euryale - minus 1 on all saving throws
vs. spells
Rogue - one of your henchmen falls in
love with you.
Jester - gain 100 experience points or
draw 2 more draws from the deck

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