Friday, December 31, 2010

Weekly Cursed Item

   Humorous Cursed Item No.4

         Cauldron of Tasty Food
This small black cooking pot shows a
feint magical aura. When used for
cooking, it will produce some of the
best food the players have tasted.
The cooking pot will take 10 turns to
cook any food, but will attract nearby
vermin or animals. Insects will swoop
in from everywhere, from furry cute
animals to rats will appear. Each player
who ate from the pot must make a save
vs. spell or will fall asleep to take a 5
turn nap.
The player who owens the cooking
pot, will not want to depart with it, and
will fight to keep it. Also the players
appetite will grow to where he or she
must eat 6 times per day.

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