Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekly Cursed Item

Got one more for you this week.
Humorous Cursed Item No.2

    Belt of Your Momma's Purse

This large pouch acts like a small bag
of holding, but everything the player
puts into the pouch will have a
permanent cheap perfume smell to it.
When the player goes for a item, there
is a chance that he or she will pull out a
random item ( 1 in 20 chance )
Random list ( roll 1d10 )
1- 15 coupons to a local food vender.
2- A string of fake pearls( worthless).
3- A pair of cheap and ugly earrings
( worth 5 gp )
4- A small metal tube. When opened a
bright red wax is inside. The tube has a
twist at the bottom to push out the red
5- A black pair of granny glasses.
6- Two tan silk panty hose (worth 5 gp)
7- 20 pieces of odd colored corn
( candy corn, that has gone past being
good )
8- A small mirror in a case with a small
brush. A hard tan powder sits at the
bottom of the case.
9- A hair brush ( worthless)
10- A clear tube with a clear jell inside.
When applied to any dry or sunburned
spots, it will moisten one's skin ( 10
uses, worth 10 gp )

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