Thursday, December 30, 2010

FFG 2 Quick Adventure


                                                        Turtle Shell Bandits
                                                         For characters of levels 1-2
 The bandits have set up their hide-out underneath a giant turtle shell. The players will see two chimneys stacks coming from the top of the shell. A set of stairs lead down to a locked heavy wooden door.
Room 1 Hallway: The hallways are lit by torch's. All of the walls are made of wood. A 25% chance every turn that 2 bandits from room 4 will be wondering in the hallways.
Room 2 Storage Room: Drunk Bandit ( 2nd level fighter, studded leather armor, longsword, dagger, HP 13). He will fight at a -2 to hit from being intoxicated. Treasure: 30sp, 9 gp, 45 days of iron rations, 3 barrels of ale worth 50gp each and 12 bottles of wine worth 10 gp each.
Room 3 Kitchen: Inside the room, a Bandit is cooking dinner ( 1st level thief, leather armor, +1 dagger, HP 6 ) will attack the party. Treasure: silver plates and bowls worth 25 gp.
Room 4 Great Hall: Inside the room are two bunk beds, a fireplace and a table with six chairs around it. Inside the room are 4 bandits ( 1st level bandit, studded leather armor, wooden shield, shortsword, dagger, HP 5 each, 25% chance that two of the bandits are wondering the hallways) Treasure: potion of healing, 120 sp, 26 gp, a copper bracelet worth 10 gp and a roll of silk worth 25 gp.
Room 5 Guard Room: Bandit leader ( 4th level fighter, +1 chainmail, large steel shield, +1 footman's pick,
HP 20 ) will attack the party members. He has a 20% chance of hearing any battle in room 1, 3 or 4. Treasure: key to chest in room 6
Room 6 Bedroom: Bandit leader's room. Large bed, small locked chest under the bed and a coat rack on the back of the door. Treasure: 200cp, 100sp, 46 gp and 4 gems worth 25 gp each.
Room7  Study: Half-elf magic-user ( 2nd level magic-user, wooden staff, silver dagger worth 10gp, a wand of color spray with 9 charges, HP 5, Dex of 18) His spells are the following: 1st level- shield and shocking grasp. Treasure: spell book ( detect magic, jump, shield and shocking grasp), 37 sp and 10 pp.
Room 8 Goblin barracks: 6 straw mats lye on the floor. Inside are are 6 goblins ( each are armed with a morning star, HP 3 each) and will attack the party on site. Treasure: none
Room 9 Prisoner Cells: A set of keys hang on the far wall.
Room A: a wealthy merchant, will pay the players 100 gp if they free him.0-level
Room B: farmers daughter, 0-level
Room C: this area has 3 gnomes chained to the wall. All are 0-level

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