Friday, December 17, 2010

Weekly Cursed Item

Seems like everyone has a " Blank Something" every week they post. Got me thinking. What should I do? Has to be something different. How about a weekly humorous cursed item. Sure, why not. So here's it is.

                 Cat Pole

This metal 10' pole has a rubber-like
handle, a brass lever on the handle with
a wire leading up to a loop on the end.
In the center of the pole it unscrews for
easy transport.
The pole is cursed. Anyone who
possesses this pole will not be able to
get ride of the pole for it will return 12
hours later in their backpack or just
lying next to them in the morning. After
using the pole more than 5 times, the
player will start to notice 1D4 domestic
cats start to follow him or her. The cats
will always stay at a distance unless the
player feeds them, then 2D8 more cats will
join the pack.
If the player harms any of the felines,
he or she will began to grow whiskers
and will have the craving for more and
more fresh fish.

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