Monday, August 20, 2012

My day at Gencon

 Made my way down to Mecca over the weekend to pay omige to the Nerd Gods! Myself and a good friend just went down for one day. Not much planned except to spend some cash and meet some friends from a Canonfire (a Greyhawk webpage) at the Ram. The one thing I was looking forward to getting was the two expansion packs for The Red Dragon Inn, but they were sold-out by Sat. Stopped by the OSR both and meet Frank Mentzer. Very nice guy.

 Didn't bring much back, but here is the swag. Two OSR modules, got a couple magic cards, some new dice, Bolt Action core rule book and some Forgeworld 40k mini's. I spent more cash on my badge, buying breakfast, chipping in for gas, getting dinner and buying a crap load of drinks for people. But had a blast.