Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Over the holidays

Hope everyone had a great christmas. Our gaming group got together last weekend and had our christmas party/gaming/getting drunk fest. It first started with me running down to the local liquor store to get some of my fav. beer. Hobgoblin ale, a import from jolly ol' england.

Then came the food. Our decision was not the typical holiday dinner. Chicago dog's it is!!
On to the gaming. As we head down into a dwarven mine to fine some mushrooms to help cure the dwarven king. Dam! We forgot to get some mushrooms for the dogs.
So after clearing out the first floor we made our way down to the lower levels. And yes it says "Lava" on the map. Hot Hot Hot!!!

All-in-all it was a great day. No one died (but my character most all of her hair from a well placed burning hands) but the 20's were everywhere. Think I rolled 4 nat.20's Not too bad.
Then for the gifts. This is my stash, "Red Dragon Inn 3" with the "Pooky" expansion (I have RDI 1 and 2), "The Dungeon Alphabet" by Goodman games and a old Marvel Super Heros module "Fault Line".
Well, thats all for now. Still working on that side project. A ant hill has turn into a mountain.
I hope everyone has a great new years and a happy 2013.

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