Thursday, September 9, 2010

1st edtion PHB cover

Just wondering if anyone has played in or run a adventure based on the cover artwork? It's a staple of AD&D. I had played in one some 15 years-ish ago. Had fun trying to sell those big gems. Had every thief around looking for our group. Lots of fun.

Does anyone else have a story about this cover or any other cover that you encountered in your game?


  1. I haven't but I think it's great that Otherworld minis now offers a fig based upon that iconic idol. Sweet!

  2. Many, many moons ago when Star Wars was just still a movie a DM ran a group I was in that had this scene. I don't remember the details I just remember everyone, except me, scrambled to get the large ruby eyes. They died. I forgot how, but all I know is I was standing there alone and needed to get out and the guy who had the map fell into the brazier and burned up. My little guy is probably still there.