Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The tale of two Codex's

 Watched a good documentary to about the Codex Gigas. A tome made in the 12th century. Some have called it the devils bible. Now what if their was not just one powerful Codex but two. Every one know about the Codex of the Infinite Planes. But what if their was another powerful Codex made by a powerful demon or devil.
 Made by the powerful Orcus himself, this grim tome would be made from unicorn velum and written in the blood of angels. The Codex Gigas stands twenty feet tall and weighs over 1,000 pounds. Inside this horrific tome are pictures of the abyss itself. Written in a long forgotten tongue, the Codex tell tells of how the abyss itself was created. The true names of all demons are inside. Stories of how the demon lords came to power and of those who fell. Powerful spells and enchantments are contained inside. Over 1,000 pages are inside this massive Codex.
 Any person who reads one page from this tome, must make a save vs. death magic or die instantly. The Codex will instantly destroy any character under 12th level. Those who save can use the Codex for one day. Then the player must make another save vs. death again if touched again.

4xI     ____________     _____________    _____________   _____________
3xII    ____________     _____________    _____________
3xIII   ____________     _____________    _____________
2xIV   ____________     _____________
2xV    ____________     _____________
2XVI  ____________     _____________

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