Thursday, October 7, 2010

Looking for afew good traps!

 Starting a new Greyhawk module today, but i thought i would put it on hold for a bit. Why you might ask, well when it come to traps, I think most of them have been done in one form or another. So I am putting it out to the masses for a  fresh view. I'm looking for 3 traps that will be base in a tower/dungeon. It will be 1st. edition AD&D, and the player levels will be around 4-6. It can be a room ( max 30x30 )  or a hallway ( max 40 feet long, 10 feet wide ).
 Now for swag, for the top 3 trap winners, I will be putting one of my modules ( FFG 3 Spitting Image ) in print. This will be coming out of my own wallet. I will only print out 3 modules in the classic AD&D style.
 The new module will be on my web page for free of course. Full credit will be awarded to the winners.

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